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Gavin Lindemuth.




A small town called Dunmore in Pennsylvania, next to Scranton, PA. It’s famous because it’s where the TV show “The Office” takes place.

 NY is made of steel. Are you?

I would say so. I've had every accident happen to me as possible, such as getting hit by a car or my appendix exploding, but I’m still kicking. 

 How would you describe your body?

I'm pretty tiny & have an athletic build from all the sports I used to play… but my Instagram comments will give you a more entertaining description! 

 Given climate change, the Atlantic will rise. When will the first wave hit NY?

I'm not Al Roker but I hope I'm not there when it happens! 

 Who was your first love, how young were you?

 I was 17 & it was with a boy that I dated for over 2 years. He's still a reoccurring factor in my life.

 Ever crossed the Atlantic from Europe to NY (the sight of NY emerging in the distant blue)?

Yes, I have. It's unreal to see the view at night with the lights. It’s crazy when things you expect to look so big look so small.

 I find coffee at Ninth Street delicious. What’s your favorite coffee place in NY?

 Maman NYC in Soho. I get the best cappuccinos there & the staff is so friendly. 

 What sound would you associate NY with?

Loud honking & tourists asking for directions. 

 What sound would you associate yourself with?

A mix of Leonard Cohen, Sky Ferreira, & some muffled moans. 

 Where are you now and what time is it?

I'm currently in Nice, France & it's ‪7:06 PM

 Where are you going next?

I’m currently traveling through Europe, so I'm headed to Portugal, Italy, France, Spain, and the UK. Then I’m back to NYC.

 Are you in love?

Trying not to be. 

 What’s the last cocktail you drank, where?

I had a Long Island Iced Tea on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea.  

 If NY was a person, would it be your mother, uncle, boy or girl friend, sister, brother, aunt?

It would be my ex-boyfriend, he's about as NY as anyone can get. 

 More binoculars are sold in NY compared to any other place on Earth. What can you see from your place and what was the most memorable sight you’ve enjoyed from your windows?

 I live in Chelsea, so I can see a bunch of restaurants & a puppy store where dogs run around in the window all day. The most memorable sights are all the people chasing after cabs when they realize they forgot something in them. 

 NY’s foundations are archaic. Tubes are rusting. Steel is breaking. Do you feel the city is crumbling or is it constantly resurrecting? When was the last time you resurrected?

 While buildings are rustic, there’s so many new buildings being put up all the time. It’s a mix of old and new. Regarding my resurrection, I would say that happens frequently. When something makes you unhappy, change it & pave your own path.

 What’s nasty about New York?

Some people have a twisted sense of self, and it causes them to think they are important. So many people want to try to bring you down, which makes the city isolating. You have to really know who your friends are & I’ve got great friends.

 Where do you spend most of your time?

I spend most of my time at the PR firm I intern for, MaoPR. I spend the rest of the time running between Le Bain, Flash Factory, & ‪Friday night’s at Ladyfag’s ‪11:11, where my friends host. 

  Your favorite concert venue?

I've seen the best shows at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. It's always a great crowd & musicians.

 Is Brooklyn still Brooklyn?

Brooklyn will always be important in its cultural significance to New York City. That being said, gentrification has shifted BK from the rough and tough lifestyle that Lil Kim’ preaches about in her song “Lighters Up” to hipsters. Regardless, the borough is extremely beautiful, and is a blissful little escape from the hectic Manhattan world.




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