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KEVIN // 21Y // NYC



Kevin Thompson. 


21 years old.


From New York. 

 What sound would you associate NY with?

The sound of traffic

 What sound would you associate yourself with?

Wheezing burping giggles. 

 Where are you now and what time is it?

10:35pm in my backyard. 

Where are you going next?

To my bed(room).

 I find coffee at Ninth Street delicious. What’s your favorite coffee place in NY?

I recently stopped drinking coffee but when I did drink coffee I usually made my own. 

  Are you in love?


 What’s the last cocktail you drunk, where?

Gin and tonic and zuma.  

 If NY was a person, would it be your mother, uncle, boy or girl friend, sister, brother, aunt?

I don’t know what to say about that.

 More binoculars are sold in NY compared to any other place on Earth. What can you see from your place and what was the most memorable sight you’ve enjoyed from your windows?

There was a blooming cherry blossom in my backyard in Greenpoint that was amazing in the early spring. 

 NY’s foundations are archaic. Tubes are rusting. Steel is breaking. Do you feel the city is crumbling or is it constantly resurrecting? When was the last time you resurrected?

They're working hard to resurrect it as it crumbles. Everytime I eat I am born again. 

 What’s nasty about NY?

Public displays of urine and hot garbage.

 Where do you spend most of your time?

In transit.

 Your favorite concert venue?

I like outdoor concerts like Prospect Park or Central Park.

 Is Brooklyn still Brooklyn?

I am not one to say. 




/ photo by MARK BENJAMIN /

/ Kevin at BMG New York /