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PAOLO // 23Y // NYC



Paolo Fanoli.




Rome, Italy, moved to NYC 5 years ago.

 NY is made of steel. Are you?

No. Mostly plastic and baby oil.

 How would you describe your body?

Plastic, baby oil, and some hair.

 Given climate change, the Atlantic will rise. When will the first wave hit NY?

It sadly already happened with Sandy.

 Who was your first love, how young were you?

Ned Flanders from The Simpsons. There is one episode where the whole family goes skiing and Ned is wearing a very tight suit. I remember watching the scene at age 6 and feeling a certain tingling sensation.

 Ever crossed the Atlantic from Europe to NY (the sight of NY emerging in the distant blue)?

You mean on a boat? No. Planes were already a thing when I moved here.

 I find coffee at Ninth Street delicious. What’s your favorite coffee place in NY?

9th street is about 1.5 miles long and has about 12 coffee shops, wish you were a tiny bit more specific… anyway coffee tastes pretty much the same everywhere to me… lately I’ve been sort of into this little coffee shop in front of my place on Ludlow in the Lower East side. One of the barista is pure daddy material <3, huge crush.

 What sound would you associate NY with?

… anything that produces a sound. New York is never quiet.

 What sound would you associate yourself with?

Mmmh… no.

 Where are you now and what time is it?

In my boss’ apartment, it’s 2:04 PM.

 Where are you going next?


 Are you in love?

Always, about 3 to 7 times a day.

 What’s the last cocktail you drunk, where?

Some frozen passion fruit thing in Miami.

 If NY was a person, would it be your mother, uncle, boy or girl friend, sister, brother, aunt?

Hard to imagine, New York would probably be some fat lady carrying her fully dressed tiny dog in a Dior bag… she also has green hair though…

 More binoculars are sold in NY compared to any other place on Earth. What can you see from your place and what was the most memorable sight you’ve enjoyed from your windows?

Tons of sex. I’ve seen people fuck from my apartment from across the street at least 5 times.

 NY’s foundations are archaic. Tubes are rusting. Steel is breaking. Do you feel the city is crumbling or is it constantly resurrecting? When was the last time you resurrected?

Constantly resurrecting. This morning, from my bed to go to work.

 What’s nasty about NY?

The smell of hot China Town trash.

 Where do you spend most of your time?

My bed. I love my bed.

 Your favorite concert venue?

My bed.

 Is Brooklyn still Brooklyn?

Never been there. 




/ photo by MARK BENJAMIN /