//HOT & NASTY : the perfect summer movies collection//

Watch them undress as they watch you dissolve into the summer heat ...

You are not dead you are meant to be HOT .

La Vierge Violente, Koji Wakamatsu (1969)

Paroxismus, Jesus Franco (1969)

La piscine, Jacques Deray (1969)

The Counsellor, Ridley Scott (2013)

Summer Lovers, Kandel Kleiser (1982)

Ten, Blake Edwards (1979)

Les pétroleuses, Christian Jaque (1971)

Domino, Tony Scott (2005)

L’enfer, Henri-Georges Clouzot (1964)

Tabu, F.W Murnau (1931)

Estate Violenta, Valerio Zurlini (1959)

Blame it on Rio!, Stanley Donen (1984)


/Selected by REMY RUSSOTTO/