C/O Berlin presents the first retrospective exhibition of the work of US photographer and artist Stephen Shore. Including over 300 pictures, of which some are shown here for the first time, the curators shed light on the most significant aspects of the photographer’s oeuvre and his unique contribution to the culture of photography.

“I wanted to make pictures that felt natural, that felt like seeing, that didn’t feel like taking something in the world and making a piece of art out of it.”

A regular at Andy Warhol’s Factory between 1965 and 1967, Shore went on to explore and document the unspectacular in everyday situations and banal objects, unremarkable landscapes, and faceless places.Making use of the medium of photography as an instrument of perception, his photographic series record, preserve, and reflect on those traces of human life that are normally considered unworthy of representation. 

Stephen Shore - Retrospektive

C/O Berlin Foundation


6.2.2016 – 22.5.2016



© Stephen Shore. Courtesy 303 Gallery, New York & Sprüth Magers.



/ by Kim Poorters /