Strongly inspired by subcultures around the globe, Ricardo Gomes is publishing his first book with the support of editor Benjamin Blanck. Released in black and white, this first collection of his work will have you dreaming of endless days spent on a skateboard, surfing or playing the bass. Featured celebrities include Pete Doherty and Alain-Fabien Delon, son of iconic French actor.  With this book, Gomes invites you in to his universe, his visual world, his playground.


World Wide Release: April 5th 2018

Available in selected bookstores & online


/ by Gaelle Van Lede /


Four years ago, Benoît Béthume started his project, Mémoire Universelle. It would have 9 volumes and aims to capture human nature, however cruel or beautiful it might be, with each volume addressing one facet of our conduct.

 The two first volumes, Oh, l’amour & Manimalisme were greatly influenced by Manuela Pavesi, friend, mentor and grand source of inspiration for Benoît. He never thought that she would not live to see the end of this project.

 Unfortunately disease got the best of her, and the great lady is no more. But he did not give up on the project. Instead, he dedicated a whole volume of his work to her. His latest issue, Never Say Goodbye, is all about experiencing loss.

Using fashion, art, literature, photography, film or even philosophy to express it.

 If you don’t know how to say goodbye to someone, you don’t have to, you let that someone lead the way.


 Never say goodbye will be in stores in Paris on the 7th of November, and the launch party will be hosted by Hunting and Collectingin Brussels November 18th.


/ by Gaelle Van Lede /


For the occasion of the 31st International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères, Julien Dossena (artistic director of the iconic house Paco Rabanne) lent his mind to Nudes. This is a project by A Magazine that aims to promote significant cultural events. In collaboration with Coco Capitàn, he curated his selection of nudes occasionally accompanied by some of Coco’s poetry, also occasionally dressed in some Paco Rabanne pieces.

The result is this magnificent visual story about nudity chaperoned by an interesting dialogue between Julien Dossena and Dan Thawley (editor in chief of A Magazine) that features nudity and eroticism in today’s society. This first edition of the project has already been labelled as collectors item, the second one won’t be here soon enough. 

/ A Magazine by Julien Dossena /

/ by Gaelle Van Lede /


Ceremony is the second book by Alasdair McLellan, following Ultimate Clothing Company of 2013. It celebrates the tenth anniversary of his photographic interviews with many of the ceremonial troops of the British Army, and is still one of the highlights of all projects undertaken by the photographer.

 It is released in a strictly limited and numbered edition of 2000 Copies only.


photographs by Alasdair McLellan

edited by Jo-Ann Furniss

designed at M/M Paris



© Alasdair McLellan.



/by Kim Poorters /

// EGOS //


A play - or rather an artistic experiment - on masculine and feminine, that balances on the edge of private and public.

Casey Spooner’s new book "Egos" proves to be an interesting study on the morphology of characters, relationships and spaces. Set in his own apartment (but, more important, in a hyper sexualised world) ‘Egos’ gives the readers the opportunity to look at the same people from completely different angles.

A reflection of narcissism, as Spooner puts it himself. In a brilliant way, we’d like to add.


Courtesy of Casey Spooner.


by Glynis Procureur /


Deep blue, raw, pure. And very Belgian.

Cult fashion photographer Willy Vanderperre worked for several years on this new project, his debut short film about teenagers trying to create connections that go beyond the online world.

 And his efforts pay off. Constructed like a series of portraits, Vanderperre moves away from his camera and creates this beautiful art piece together with Nicolas Karakatsanis, who he calls one of the most talented directors of photography around.

 And we won’t argue with that. Naked Heartland is spine-tingling, violent and grand at the same time. Just as the limited edition book featuring stills from the movie, available at  Idea Books - Dover Street Market London, New York and at Comme des Garçons Trading Museum in Paris.

Not to be missed ! 

Still from "Naked Heartland"

Courtesy of Willy Vanderperre



/ by Glynis Procureur /


VETEMENTS and the Publisher IDEA BOOKS are releasing a limited-edition photo book shot exclusively by Pierre-Ange Carlotti. The print edition ll be produced in a run of 500 & sold at the Comme des Garçons Trading Museum in Paris beginning January 23, and later at Idea’s Dover Street Market locations in New York, London, & Ginza in Tokyo.


©Pierre-Ange Carlotti for VETEMENTS 2015 / IDEA 2016


/ by Michael Marson /


Legendary photographer Bill Henson has released a new book featuring a collection of previously unseen photographs taken in 1976.

The series shows Henson’s recognised and celebrated style, capturing the delicacy, magnetism and celestial nature of the ballerinas, that is both bewitching and disturbing. When photographing the dancers, Henson found himself fascinated by the faces, which were ‘lost to the world, absorbed in the dance’. He was drawn to the idea of a spirit of an individual in a space.

Particle Mist by Bill Henson is available now, published by Stanley/Barker.


/ by Michael Marson /

// YOUTH HOTEL by Gosha Rubchinskiy //

A portrait of Russia's next generation, the new book YOUTH HOTEL by Russian designer/photographer  Gosha Rubchinskiy  comes in a limited edition run by IDEA books.


Youth Hotel ll be out on October the 15th @  Dover Street Market London, NYC, Tokyo and Paris. 


All images are courtesy of Gosha Rubchinskiy.

// WAR FAR //

Ryan McGinley was the first of his generation of artists to explore the nude figure within the American landscape. With a fresh set of eyes, he embarked on an on-going series of images that were shot during months-long summer road trips cross-country.

His new book "War Far" ll be out the 20 October @  Rizzoli.

It's just poetic & terribly beautiful !

All images are courtesy of Ryan McGinley and team (gallery, inc.), New York