The Belgian artist Eric Croes is holding his new exhibition 'To my old friends' at the art gallery 'Sorry We're Closed' in Brussels. His art is a juxtaposition of techniques, objects and ideas. The works of his exhibition were created by following four simple steps:

1 / Take a sketchpad

2 / Write a letter of the alphabet on each page

3 / Draw your favourite words (his 'old friends')

4 / Create a 3D assemblage of a selection of these words: one sculpture per letter.

His work invites us to feel the joy of working with our hands. However, "To my old friends" is not so much about the objects themselves; it is more about the story Eric Croes tells us through his drawings and sculptures. His art conveys a special energy: something spontaneous and emotional at the same time.



Sorry We're Closed

 until May 20th

 67 rue de la Régence

1000 Brussels


Courtesy Sorry We're Closed

Photos©Hugard & Vanoverschelde




/ by Souria Cheurfi /