Honest By and Y/Project just launched a limited 6-piece collection: genderless, organic, responsible and transparent are the key words of this collaboration. It’s a second shot for Glenn Martens at Honest by after designing the first collection in 2012.

Bruno Pieters, Honest By founder, describes Y/Project as “…a very honest brand already. Glenn has built his team with a whole new generation of people. Very faithful, very loyal. He has the ability to take the best of what is offered to him and make it his own. He always appreciated what I was doing and was interested in it so is now already very conscious of the environment. Already for SS18 there was no leather in the show."

For his part, Glenn has followed Honest By since the beginning: “To me it has always been one of the most ground-breaking luxury brands in the industry. A lot of young, so called ‘hype brands’ are claiming they want to change fashion or break the industry. But only Honest By has challenged its core and has addressed that which really matters.”


/ by Xavier Bourgeois /