// ICONIC //

What better way to put a brand’s iconic pieces – the 1996 & 1997 jeans - in the limelight, than gathering people that are just as iconic as the garments. 

Cindy Crawford takes place before the lens, Sam Abell behind it, decor is the Cadillac Ranch created by the equally celebrated Ant Farm in the seventies. 

Safe to say that Acne’s new campaign is a tribute to the best that America has to offer, pushing forward one of the best things Acne has to offer: that perfect pair of jeans. 


Starting today the images will be shown and sold at Galerie Escougnou, all profits are going to the WWF foundation. 


Exhibition from

28th September until October 2nd __ 11am - 7pm

Galerie Escougnou

7 Rue Saint Claude

75003 Paris

/ by Gaelle Van Lede /