Gagosian Geneva opens today with the first exhibition exclusively devoted to Ed Ruscha's Mountain Prints, both in the form of his distinctive limited-edition paintings, as well as proofs the artist has been producing since 2010.

“I had a notion to make pictures by using words and presenting them in some way and it seemed like a mountain was an archetypal stage set. It was a perfect foil for whatever was happening in the foreground.”

Ruscha has added text upon landscape in his paintings since the 1980’s, introducing an atmosphere of speech, sound, and shape. In his square-format Mountain Prints seemingly banal phrases in white or black letters are centrally superimposed upon the landscapes, with each word occupying a new line in contrast to the perspectival recession of the snow-capped mountains. The prints, each subtly different from the next, are imbued with a graphic tactility amplified by vivid colour combinations.

Ed Ruscha – Mountain Prints

Gagosian Gallery


6.4.2016 – 28.5.2016



© Edward Ruscha. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery.



/ by Kim Poorters /