Deep blue, raw, pure. And very Belgian.

Cult fashion photographer Willy Vanderperre worked for several years on this new project, his debut short film about teenagers trying to create connections that go beyond the online world.

 And his efforts pay off. Constructed like a series of portraits, Vanderperre moves away from his camera and creates this beautiful art piece together with Nicolas Karakatsanis, who he calls one of the most talented directors of photography around.

 And we won’t argue with that. Naked Heartland is spine-tingling, violent and grand at the same time. Just as the limited edition book featuring stills from the movie, available at  Idea Books - Dover Street Market London, New York and at Comme des Garçons Trading Museum in Paris.

Not to be missed ! 

Still from "Naked Heartland"

Courtesy of Willy Vanderperre




/ by Glynis Procureur /