Four years ago, Benoît Béthume started his project, Mémoire Universelle. It would have 9 volumes and aims to capture human nature, however cruel or beautiful it might be, with each volume addressing one facet of our conduct.

 The two first volumes, Oh, l’amour & Manimalisme were greatly influenced by Manuela Pavesi, friend, mentor and grand source of inspiration for Benoît. He never thought that she would not live to see the end of this project.

 Unfortunately disease got the best of her, and the great lady is no more. But he did not give up on the project. Instead, he dedicated a whole volume of his work to her. His latest issue, Never Say Goodbye, is all about experiencing loss.

Using fashion, art, literature, photography, film or even philosophy to express it.

 If you don’t know how to say goodbye to someone, you don’t have to, you let that someone lead the way.


 Never say goodbye will be in stores in Paris on the 7th of November, and the launch party will be hosted by Hunting and Collectingin Brussels November 18th.




/ by Gaelle Van Lede /