ROSEGALLERY presents a solo exhibition by Belgian artist Dirk Braeckman, his first on the US West Coast.

Focusing on ordinarily unobserved details that are often lost in shades of gray, Braeckman’s photographs reflect an atmosphere of sensual ambiguity and intimate solitude. His images are characterised by the use of black and white, analogue photography and are part of a lengthy process of post-production manipulation in which the photographer prints and re-photographs his images. Deviating from conformal darkroom techniques, the artist continues editing the images’ surface through the use of different resources, such as brushes and sponges to spread the developer in stripes and planes across the paper. The resulting photograph is a unique piece.

 “Photography is, for me, an almost obsessive attempt to scan, in my own way, everything around me, everything I meet, driven by the desire to give order to chaos. With or without a camera.”

 Dirk Braeckman has recently been selected to represent Belgium at the 57th Venice Biennale in 2017.

Dirk Braeckman


Santa Monica

13.4.2016 – 13.8.2016


 © Dirk Braeckman. Courtesy ROSEGALLERY.


/ by Kim Poorters /