"She walks in beauty" is the name of the last exhibition which takes place at the ModeMuseum, Antwerp. From the 12th october until the 18th march 2018, Olivier Theyskens, the fascinating Belgian designer, shows us his creative evolution of twenty years in the fashion business, his craftsmanship and the changing atmospheres of his work through a multitude of silhouettes imbued with couture spirit. "Olivier Theyskens – She Walks in Beauty" takes us on a journey accompanied by literary voices forming a counterpoint to the visual world, photographs, films and drawings of the artist's creative process.

Olivier Theyskens is known for the dark romantic side of his early designs, the new vision of couture he instilled at Rochas, his mastering of textiles and cut at Nina Ricci. His extraordinary talent for drawing and autodidactic work method give a great insight into the different aspects of the contemporary fashion industry: from couture to semi-couture and ready-to-wear. The Theyskens muse changes through time: she’s romantic, mysterious, strong and elegant, both young and old, but she walks in beauty wherever she goes.




/ by Laurenne Makubikua /