M Museum

// FROM A TO K //

Currently on view at Museum M is a carefully curated selection of works by Brussels-based artist Aglaia Konrad. In this first major solo-exhibition both older and recent oeuvres are shown side by side to reveal a diversity of work, and a newly commissioned site-specific intervention by the artist and an accompanying book presented.

 Spanning a production of over 20 years, the artist uses photography and film to document, and sculpture and architecture to translate her research into the modern city, its public space and buildings, and their transformation.Through extensive travels, she has brought together a vast archive of images documenting urbanity in such diverse cities as Sao Paulo, Beijing, Chicago, Dakar, Tokyo, Cairo or Shanghai.

Aglaia Konrad – From A to K

Museum M


29.4.2016 – 18.9.2016



© Aglaia Konrad. Courtesy the artist and Museum M.



/ by Kim Poorters /