Paul Franco


While the whole world is trying to figure out where fashion is going right now, Paul Franco thinks 10 years ahead and creates a short film. It is built around the interview he had with leading designer Demna Gvasalia.

 As fashion is merely an expression of a generation, Franco chose Demna, because who better to ask, than the one that dresses that generation?

 In an effort to comprehend today’s youth, he did not rush in to things but took a year to shoot this video, starring Ukraïn’s ultimate bad boy Sasha Melnychuck in Paris. He later accorded the images with fragments of Demna’s interview.

 Depicting life is not an easy task but combining the fast movement of the images with the slow pace of artist Mark Borthwick’s music is brilliant. We can not only see, but actually feel what it’s like to be young in this day of age.

 The only way to fully grasp something is to take a step back, and Paul Franco just did that for us.


/ by Gaelle Van Lede /