In his series The Company of Men, currently on display at The Ballery, young Swiss photographer Alexandre Haefeli continues his ongoing personal work centred on an intimate representation of the male body.

 Through a selection of over 70 recent works, the viewer, at once reduced and elevated to the status of the voyeur, looks in on scenes that range from intimate studios portraits to elaborately staged interactions between male - or in this case often androgynous – ‘subjects’.

 “Torn between romanticism and open sexuality, between suggestion and revelation, the spectator is invited to look, to imagine and to desire”

Hovering between suggestive and explicit, Haefeli’s body of work remains highly coherent in the differences that exist between its composing images. Often set against an idyllic natural backdrop these come both in extremely vibrant colours and in black and white, are either raw and untouched or highly manipulated, and are either of a transcendent or direct nature.


Alexandre Haefeli - The Company of Men

The Ballery


30.9.2016 – 30.10.2016


 © Alexandre Haefeli. Courtesy the artist and The Ballery.


  / by Kim Poorters /