With the works of young Japanese photographer Daisuke Yokota currently on show, Antwerp gallery Stieglitz19 presents a generation of artists who are radically experimenting with photography, bookmaking and other media.

  Vertigo, a series of highly processed black and white images of skies, nudes and abstract buildings and rooms, originates from snapshots to which the artist applied various techniques and interventions to create deformation, imperfection, and visual noise: he photographs, develops, prints, photographs the resulting images again and again, and continues experimenting in his homemade darkroom by developing film in boiling solutions, leaking light, or leaving deliberate scratches.

Daisuke Yokota



3.4.2016 – 22.5.2016



© Daisuke Yokota. Courtesy the artist and Stieglitz19.



/ by Kim Poorters /