DAMIEN JALET //Choreographer & Dancer// Brussels 1000



/ Damien's favorite places in Brussels /


The Temple of Human Passions

A Brussels’ secret. I used to play in the Park du Cinquantenaire when I was a kid and keep a vivid memory of this secret pavilion built by Victor Horta nearby the Great Mosque. This temple holds a spectacular marble relief of Jef Lambeaux representing the human passions, which was censored at the time as it was judged indecent. The pavilion was closed to the public since the scandal it created during its inauguration more than a century ago, but has is now open during the summertime.


Great food can change your mood. Here is an amazing restaurant with only three choices on the menu, which changes every day. Fresh, virtuose, and contemporary cooking in the center of Brussels for a reasonable price. The cook is a true artist, and the place has an interesting history too.

 Cinema Galeries

Probably my favorite cinema, because of its atmosphere and the films it programs. I’ve seen many films here that marked me. A year ago or so, there was a great installation by moviemaker Tsai Ming-liang in the basement.

 The lift Marolles-Poellaert

I love this lift between the low and high part of the city. One of the most beautiful views of Brussels gets unraveled as you stand against the window, and as the Brussels’ sky can often be too low, at least here you have a bigger picture. It really gives you an ascending feeling. Place Poellaert also has some amazing sunset parties during the summer.


I’m addicted to Japan, and it’s food in particular, so this place is great when I miss it too much. Fresh sushi, ramen, tea, rice, spice, seaweed, etc… a bit pricy though.





/ production by MICHAEL MARSON & photo by MEREL HART /


THIERRY BRUNFAUT //Head of Creation & Founding Partner BaseDesign// Brussels 1060



/ Thierry's favorite places in Brussels /


Le Maru

The best "Korean Kitchen” in town, own by friend couple
Kyung & Boris. I’ve designed the Maru woodstick logotype
and got free meals in exchange. Awesome deal!

La Cambre School of Visual Arts - Cafeteria

I teach there. I eat there. I drink coffee there.
I love the 70’s feel of the dinner part (design by Gevers). This cafeteria my best spot
to meet and chat with fellow teachers artists and designers.

Le Vieux Saint-Martin

A Brussels’classic. I go there since I’m a kid. The bourgeois belgian spirit
in its true essence, mammies included. We love to go there early with my fiancée
on sunday afternoon (around 6:30), to eat american/frites and soles meunières.

Le Dillens

The Dillens is almost an extra-room of BaseDesign, as it is just 3 blocks
away from our studio. Great lunch, great brunch. But most of all the rendez-vous bar
of my creative team on thursday night. They call it the “jeudredi” … (= go on a jeudi, drink like a vendredi!).

The food department of Mark & Spencer

Just open a little while ago, the food section is in the basement. I just feel so weak
there: I want to buy everything. Awesome choice and british style packaging, I don’t know
any graphic designer that could resist it.


www.basedesign.com / instagram @thierrybrunfaut

/ production by MICHAEL MARSON & photo by MEREL HART /


CLAUDINE DUVIVIER //Tan Dem // Brussels 1190



/ Claudine's favorite places in Brussels /



Excellent vintage shop that stocks intricate dresses by Yves Saint Laurent, Shiaparelli, Azzaro... Has a good selection of accessories in perfect condition. 

Caroline Van Hoek

A contemporary gallery dedicated to jewelry design. Housed in a former grocery store, the historic space offers artists the possibility to show their unique creations. 

Carine Gilson

For over 20 years, Carine Gilson has been creating lingerie in an haute couture spirit. She only uses the most beautiful materials such as silk and hand embroidered lace.


The Center for Contemporary Art is dedicated to the presentation and production of temporary exhibitions of national and international artists, featuring both emerging and established talents. Located in the former Wielemans breweries, this iconic building is renowned for its '30s industrial design by Adrien Blomme.

Le Bar de l’Ecailler -  Palais Royal

Timeless and slightly old-fashioned restaurant that offers the best seafood and fish in Brussels.


A guaranteed winner, Kamo offers superb Japanese cuisine. Awarded with one star.


Maru is the place to sample Korean flavors. I love going there for lunch.

David Errera

The David Errera Cycle Farm is a cooperative which aims to adapt intensive gardening to a local scale (SPIN Farming) in the south of Brussels (near Linkebeek-Uccle). They offer a weekly basket of vegetables with an unrivaled, pure taste. 



/ production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON /


 THOMAS WYNGAARD //Graphic Designer & Barista// & JEAN-BAPTISTE BERNADET //Artist/// Brussels 1060



/ Thomas' favorite places in Brussels /


Au Marché Noir

I love food, especially the one served at this new place. It's local, healthy, creative, affordable and the team is great. It's anything you can dream of a good neighborhood place, especially on a lazy day, or after a hard day at work.

Café Capitale

The place where I work actually, and where I'm learning to become a barista with all the knowledge it implies. There are only a few places for specialty coffee in Brussels, and this one is definitely one of them.


Well, I'm co-founder of those parties and also deejaying under the name of Herman De Brou. After a few parties in underground locations, we are now resident at La Vilaine, a new club in town. But Acidulez takes place only 3 or 4 times a year, we want to keep it as a special party. It's a mix of Acid House, New Beat and House.

Senteurs d'Ailleurs

The best place around for perfume and cosmetics by far. The place is insane, beautiful and they have a wide selection of brands. It's a must see while in Brussels.

Galerie de Waterloo

I used to live there in my 20's. It's a hidden private alley with old houses in the style of London's traditional houses with a small garden in front and all that. It's like living in the countryside in the heart of the city. It was a great period in my life, and lots of stuff happened there, whether it be with friends, landlord, family, study… great memories in a very romantic atmosphere.

Rest on a sunny day, Lake along the road to Antwerp

Our secret spot to escape Brussels.. well not so secret I guess since a lot of our friends know the place, but it's still very quiet and a bit remote, so still worth it for sure. We can swim, enjoy the nature, picnic, read a good book… There is also a small typical Flemish restaurant nearby, perfect at the end of the day for a good beer and garnaalkroketten.


This place is run by a collective of young people aware of new trends whether it be design, fashion or music (a new record section has opened on the top floor of the house). It is located in the heart of the historic district of Brussels, les Marolles. If you go for a walk to the flea market nearby, you have to pay them a visit cause you'll find rare and precious stuff over there.


A new place in town, like there ought to be more. A special place to find anything you can dream of out of a jungle (plants, plants and more plants... not flowers), paired with an exclusive selection of objects/furniture. Also in the antique district of Brussels. Not to be missed!



/ Jean-Baptiste's favorite places in Brussels /



I’m not the best of his clients, I’m not spending much on flowers, but there’s two things I highly appreciate with Boutemy when I go there: no matter your budget, they will do something beautiful for you for 10 euros without looking at you with disdain. And in a world where anyone working in creative industries pretends to be an artist, here is someone that truly is, without being pretentious. 


One of the problems I have in Brussels, like a lot of people I guess, is shopping. As soon as you make a decent living you’re travelling more, Brussels is so central in Europe, and shop everywhere you go but in Brussels. Part of it is the very poor offer in terms of fashion, bookstores, etc. But I still do like to spend part of my Sundays at Tropismes occasionally, not so much for the choice they have (the Art books department is especially miserable and conservative) but the place is beautiful and quiet, nestled in the beautiful Galeries du Roi et de la Reine.

 Bistro du Canal

At the end of rue Dansaert, a nice place and a nice team offers in my opinion one of the best price-quality ratio in Brussels. French bistro food made with fresh produce for a very affordable price.

 La Marie Joseph

This out-of-time brasserie (well, more a time-machine to the sixties), specialized in seafood and fish, is my absolute favorite. The service is old fashioned with waiters dressed in white shirts and black aprons, incredibly polite and affable no matter the way you dress. The food is simple but very good, fresh, and in the end not that expensive considering the quality. The mix of the clientele is also pretty amazing and entertaining.

Place des Martyrs

I love the architecture of the 1700’s and it is something I really miss in Brussels. The Place des Martyrs is one of the few squares in Brussels with a total 1700’s architecture along with Place Royale. But it is less monumental than Place Royale and feels more like a place you could live in. Too bad the nightmarish Rue Neuve is so close. Easier maybe, and nice too, would be living in an art-nouveau house, which is one of the greatest things Brussels has to offer.


www.okcoffee.tips // www.jbbernadet.com

/ production by MICHAEL MARSON & photo by MEREL HART /


KIM POORTERS //Architect// Brussels 1190



/ Kim's favorite places in Brussels /


Longchamps pool

For the obligatory morning dip before heading of to work I usually end up at the nearby Victor Boin, but with some time to spare on the weekend, this is truly the nicest place to go for a swim in and around Brussels. With the sun pouring in from all sides, you can almost be thankful for the original wooden cladding to have been (temporarily) taken down, and the intriguing hyperbolic parabaloid concrete ceiling made visible.


I guess a love-hate relationship with this place came naturally after working for over three years on its intensive renovation for Robbrecht en Daem architecten. You won’t find me having diner here anymore, but I highly recommend everyone to check out the marble and bronze façade of this 1916 Grand Café, as well as its remarkable interior. Look beyond the horribly anachronistic attributes that were added recently and walk straight to the pinky wintergarden in the back to marvel at its stained glass cupola and wood-and-mirror panelling. Make sure you check out the tile-clad restrooms before you leave.

 Hôtel Wolfers

I rented a flat just around the corner when I first moved to Brussels in 2006 and had been wondering ever since what the interior to this 1929 Henry Van de Velde masterpiece looks like behind its imposing brickwork facades. Last summer I finally got a chance when Maniera hosted an exhibition on the (emptied) ground floor. The current owner considers the space as an artwork in its own right, to be left untouched and subject to decay since the seventies. I haven’t figured out just yet if this is a crime or a blessing. Fascinating.

 La Clef d’Or

I was a bit sceptical about this place at first when a friend dragged me in for a quick lunch some years ago after browsing the Jeu de Balle flea market, but with the Marché Bio des Tanneurs right around the corner La Clef d’Or has made its way to the top of my preferred-lunch-spot-list on the weekend. Fight for a seat on their terrace looking out onto the market, or sit in the front section of the brasserie: the waiter serving this part of the bar is hilarious ! Try their ‘Complet’ and Pistolet pain de viande.


Agreed, their ramen don’t match those of the former Yamato or Samuraï Ramen, and yes, it’s quite a noisy place. But with the first closed since earlier this year and the second situated in the no-go-centre of town, Kokuban has become my absolute favourite spot for a fast, affordable and uncomplicated dinner. Go for the Gyoza, Edamame and Karaage Ramen, and be sure not to miss out on their cherry and green tea flavoured Yukimi Daifuku, or ice-cream and rice-dough balls !


Excavated underneath Victor Horta’s Centre for Fine Arts, Cinematek lies somewhat hidden between Bozar’s entrance and the stairs leading to the Warandepark. With only two projection rooms, they offer a cosy and affordable alternative for Brussels’ blockbuster movie theatres with a program that is a perfect mix between classical and cult, and a small, yet careful selection of new movies. Check out the lovely David Bowie in Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, and Michael Douglas in Falling Down !

 Royal Building

Today I don’t call it ‘home’ anymore, but, having moved literally just around the corner, I still peek out through our living room window every now and then, or look up while having a drink on Bar du Matin’s terrace, overwhelmed by some sort of sweet nostalgia. With its 50+ years of age, Cuisinier’s modernist tower might be getting a bit rough around the edges, but the demanding views out over the city are without a doubt among the most impressive ones around.



/ production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON /


FRANCOIS DETHOR //Acrobat Dancer// Brussels 1060



/ Francois' favorite places in Brussels /


Canvas White

A place of peace and beauty by my friend that I love so much Armelle. A space between Versailles and Murakami in the heart of Dansaert. A perfect selection for a woman's dressing.

Cafe Panisse

This was the first restaurant I went to when I arrived in Brussels. Since then it has become my "cantine". I've tried many other places but always come back here: simple, and as good as home.

Senteurs d'Ailleurs

The place where I can travel only with my nose. From Byredo to Frederic Malle, each Cologne is a story in which I love to lose myself and spend hours smelling everything.


A hive of creation for the contemporary circus, a magical place where everything is possible for the young students who are lucky to be there. You can feel the story of this school in its stones.

My home

Because no place is better than home. For the colors I put in there and all the good moments I have with my friends.



/ production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON /


HELENA COPPEJANS //Actress// Brussels 1060


/ Helena's favorite places in Brussels /


Jat' Café

A cosy place in a nice Brussels’ street. I’m totally mad about their Chaï Latte.

 Comus & Gasterea

Definitely the best ice cream in the universe! Homemade, natural, classic or crazy tastes, you can’t be disappointed. And I want to give a special mention to the boss who can be a bit grumpy sometimes but who's always kind to me.

 La Fleur du Pain

If you like bread and pastries you have to discover “La Fleur du Pain”. The cramique bread is to die for. I advise to eat it toasted with a hint of Bordier Butter (the raspberry one).

 Dieweg Cemetery Park

A park where time doesn’t exist anymore. Just walk, silently, and enjoy the magical atmosphere of the abandoned graves. Nature took its rights back and evolves season after season. It feels like you're in another world. Let yourself be guided and enjoy!

 Maison Delune

This mysterious and magnificent house has always fascinated me. I have never been inside, except in my mind, but I could look at it for hours while making up plenty of stories. You can also discover it in J. Harpman's book “Le Bonheur dans le Crime”.



/ Production & Photo by MICHAEL MARSON /





JULIEN HISLAIRE //Law and Political Science student// Brussels 1050



/ Julien's favorite places in Brussels /


Antoine Dansaert

Between "Bourse" and "Le Canal", I like Dansaert for its mixture of expats, Flemish and working-class people. Trendy while being one of the oldest neighborhoods of Brussels, Dansaert is definitely one of my favourite spots.

Palace of Justice

Surrounded by the Justice Palace, Place Poelaert is my favourite spot for crowd watching. It's big, beautiful and always full of stories.

Mont des Arts

Usually seated on a bench, I love going to Mont des Arts. Whether you wanna read a book borrowed from the "Bibliothèque Royale", have lunch or simply watch the crowd, Mont des Arts is definitely one of the nicest spots in Brussels.


I love CHYL for the exotic decoration and healthy food. There is nothing better than a detox juice after partying the whole night.


Very cliché but also very nice, la grand place is one of the nicest spots in Brussels. I love to go there as I can enjoy both the view and the people walking by.


/ production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON /


CHARLOTTE PASTERNAK //Founder of La Meute// Brussels 1050



/ Charlotte's favorite places in Brussels /


Domaine Solvay / Château de La Hulpe next to Gare de Boitsfort

Best spot : La Roseraie.

Maison Corica

Best coffee in town.

Maison du Miel

Oldschool & delicious.

Tram 44

Riding through the forest to reach Tervuren.

Maison Erasme

Great museum with wonderful gardens.



/ production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON /


JEROEN MUYLAERT //Student & Model// Brussels 1000



/ Jeroen's favorite places in Brussels/


The skatepark at Kapellekerk

When I was young I loved rollerblading, so almost every day when the weather was good I went to this skatepark to skate.

Parking 58

If you want to have a beautiful view over Brussels you need to go to the top of this car park. Now you can even get drinks up there when the weather is good.

Palais du midi

I have spent a lot of hours in this sports hall playing basketball. I played basketball in that club from when I was 12 untill I got 20.


In this bar you can drink a lot of different beers. So sometimes I go there with friends to try some beers we haven't drunk yet.

The basketball court at rue Dansaert

 I grew up in that neighborhood so I was often chilling there with friends or playing some basketball on the court.


Jeroen at Ulla Models

/ production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON /


SIMON JOHANNIN //Student & Model// Brussels 1000



/ Simon's favorite places in Brussels/


Video Express

I spend a lot of time in this video rental store. Renting a dvd isn't common anymore these days, but just open the door and we'll see if you’re gonna go back empty handed. Their handmade dvd jackets are just worth it, this is a really cool place.

Gare du Congrès

I did my first artistic residency at Gare du Congrès with another student from Espace Urbain, and this train station definitely has something special. It’s not only for the secret rooms behind the wooden panels on the wall, or the large hidden tunnel that created a secret passage between this station and Midi station (if you can ride it, just do). It has this strange capacity for a place to be just what you want it to be, whether it's a club, a workshop, a skate spot or a classroom.

Bali Africa

Don’t come in this creepy house if you’re afraid of spells, Djins, animist spirits or BDSM amateur pictures . But If you’re not, it’s another door full of mistery to open in Brussels. Each piece of this shop has something very special, and you have over 10.000 different pieces made with bones, wood and iron, from many different countries, you just have to choose the right one …

Cinema Nova

I saw my first porn on a big screen at the Cinema Nova. It was a sixties movie by a Swedish director and it was like taking the Dolorean to see a conception of sexuality from another time. This kind of things happen in Cinema Nova, every movie is an experience and the entire programme is made by activists who want to share independant production. If you see a movie in Cinema Nova, you most likely won’t see it anywhere else.

La Loge

Brussels is a city full of differents art spaces, but La Loge to me is one of the best dedicated to contemporary art, architecture and theory. Maybe because this is a non-profit place, maybe not, but in this old masonic lodge La Loge proposes a really high level selection and suggest a true dialogue to the public with artistic reflexion and creation, and nothing else.



/ production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON /



ALADIN HARDY //PR Agent// Brussels 1000



/ Aladin's favorite places in Brussels/


La Piola

For its Négronis.

Maison Particulière

For its private collection.

Lab café

Because it’s right on the corner of my street.


For its flowers.

The Garden of the Hearts at the Museum van Buuren

For kissing.

The rooftop terrasse of the Royal Library Albert I

For its calm.

The terrasse of the Musical Instruments Museum

For its view.

St. Gilles’ market

For a drink among friends.

The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

For the beauty of its structure.

La Meilleure Jeunesse

For a charming get-together.


For lunch.

Reservoir Shop

For my sneakers.


/production by MICHAEL MARSON & photo by MEREL HART/


JEAN-BICHE //Performer/Make-Up Artist/Illustrator// Brussels 1000



/Jean-Biche's favorite places in Brussels/



A cultural institution always ahead in terms of programming and creativity.

 Chez Rachel

Simply the best burger in Brussels.

 Rue du Brabant

A drag queen's paradise in terms of cheap glittery material.

 Studio Maison Béjart

Legendary choreographer's house and studio, now transformed into exhibition, and ballet class.

 Showroom Eric Beauduin

Great designer, recycling leather for a new life & unique bags.




/ production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON /


JEAN-BAPTISTE FABBRICATORE //Productor// Brussels 1000


/Jean-Baptiste's favorite places in Brussels/


Easy Tempo

The Italian restaurant with the best price quality ratio in one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Brussels.

 Mr Adam

With over 2000 items this men’s shoe store offers the biggest choice in Brussels, at affordable prices.

 Place Poelaert - Belvedere

For watching a wonderful Indian summer sunset over Brussels.

 La Maison Degand

The temple of men's clothes. This could appear as an old fashioned boutique for men, but if you search well you could find the best pieces ever in Belgium.

 Les Puces / Rue Blaes Bruxelles

A true Brussels’ institution. A concentration of discoveries situated in one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Brussels, the Marolles area. The perfect mix between flea market and actual vintage decoration stores.



/Production by MICHAEL MARSON & Photo by MEREL HART/


GUILLAUME LANIER //Florist// Brussels 1060



/Guillaume's favorite places in Brussels/


Le Fontainas

Charlotte’s Spritz is still the best way to relax after a hard day at work.

Le Dillens

My hangout. My preferred canteen, although I hate coming here over the weekend.


A unique place. Savouring Whisky Sours here, seated by the bar, is a treat.

Galerie Rolando Anselmi

I fell in love with this gallery which I discovered during Art Brussels. I’m inspired by the artists it represents.


Falafel filled china. It’s all good.

Tipi Shop

Paradise for a book collector.


My sweet little sin: the Matcha Green Tea choux pastry.


Just pure sex.

Le marché du Midi

The ideal spot to fill my terrace with flowers.

Josaphat Parc

A very down-to-earth mini-golf.


Passionate cooking, it’s just good.





/ production by MICHAEL MARSON & photo by MEREL HART /


Asli Cicek //Interior Architect// Brussels 1190



/Asli's favorite places in Brussels/


The complex of state administrative centre (RAC)

When I first came to Brussels in 2001 this complex was one of the first sights I’ve been taken to. I liked the beautiful modernist buildings, two terraces connecting two levels of the city, the view and the melancholy of the place at that time because the complex was kind of abandoned. Recently the facades are being renovated one by one and ‘updated’, in a very banal way, but I still like passing by there.

Victor Boin Public Swimming Pool

I spend quite considerable time in this beautiful Art Deco pool, by going there three to four times a week to swim. Though always interested to see some nice buildings I am not  into architecture- tourism; I rather prefer architecture you can enjoy while using it. Victor Boin is a good place for that: an elegant interior, small but individual changing rooms over three floors aligned on both sides along the pool, spacious, simple. There is nothing else to do than swimming; no other sports activities, no music or leisure possibilities around the basin and I love that! It is a great way of starting or ending the day, I arrange a lot in my head while swimming. There is a turkish bath as well, but typical for Brussels: its renovation takes ages.

Sale Pepe Rosmarino

Over the ten years I live now in Brussels this little Italian restaurant became an evident place to go, with friends or alone, sometimes late in the evening but always welcomed warmly by the owners Aurelio and Antonio. The food is great, a nice pasta or fish, but my favourite being the gambas with rosemary as a starter...

Palace of Justice

The inside of this building fascinates me always: the dome covering the central hall is on 100m height, it is pure interior, overwhelming and somehow absurd in proportions. What is  nice is that the building serves still as a justice palace and can simply be visited throughout the working hours, with attorneys running around, people getting consultations in the main hall, everything pretty much at its normal course, ignoring the crazy interior that intrigues me so much.

Taverne Esperance

Two years ago a  good friend of mine made me discover this silent bar with its original art- deco interior, also the entrance of the hotel with the same name, in a small street off the terribly irritating Rue Neuve. Very peaceful to have this hidden oasis in the middle of the centre, but there isn’t much of an atmosphere with music or many clients occupying the boots or the tables. For people expecting entertainment as in L’ Archiduc at Beurs this bar would certainly be a boring place, but I guess that’s exactly the reason why I like it: Calm conversations or reading something on your own without disturbance, along a (or some) half en half(s)...


/ production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON /


GREGORY RANGAMA  //Fashion Designer// Brussels 1000



/Gregory's favorite places in Brussels/


Forêt de Soignes

Very close to the city; you only have to take a bus or your bicycl, and you're surrounded by trees and silence. A luxury.


A new shop in the Marolles area, offering a big choice of plants and furniture selected with a very good taste.

 La Meute

Simply one of the most beautiful shops in Brussels !


A great selection of cosmetics, for obsessed people like me.


Harnesses, belts and leather stuff… is actually a very good accessory shop !


Again in the Marolles area. A wonderful vintage shop, really a jump in the past.


The best and largest theatrical program, for viewing classics and discovering strangeness.

Le Fin Bec

The best candy shop ever !



/ production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON /



OLIVIER VANDERVLIET //Publisher// Brussels 1070



/Olivier's favorite places in Brussels/



Since Nonno opened 3 years ago, I've been eating a piadina there almost every week.
The food is always delicious, the staff friendly and the soundtrack great.

Friture René

Simply the best steak in town. Anderlecht champion!

Peinture fraîche

A very good independent art bookshop, plus they carry all my books!

Etablissement d'en face

An artist run space with an edgy program which openings gather the local art scene.

Le carillon du Mont des Arts

As a kid I was fascinated by this moving sculpture/clock. I am still now.




/production by MICHAEL MARSON & photo by MEREL HART/