PIERRE DARAS //Art Director// Brussels 1060


/ Pierre's favorite places in Brussels /


Bijoux Adora

Perles de culture. Every pearl is a lynx, is a girl.

Salon Vega

Massimo (sweetheart) the only very best hairdresser in town.

Thierry Boutémy

The Flowers Poet.

Xavier Hufkens

Do not miss a single show! 

Le Fontainas

It remains, after years, the coolest bar downtown.

Isabelle Bajart

Jan & her know about taste and selection.

Le Vismet

The exquisite solette! 

La droguerie Le Lion

The paradise for a manic depressive as I am.


The hidden treasure for my coveralls.


Lovely family & delicious sweet treat.


/production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON/