THIERRY BRUNFAUT //Head of Creation & Founding Partner BaseDesign// Brussels 1060



/ Thierry's favorite places in Brussels /


Le Maru

The best "Korean Kitchen” in town, own by friend couple
Kyung & Boris. I’ve designed the Maru woodstick logotype
and got free meals in exchange. Awesome deal!

La Cambre School of Visual Arts - Cafeteria

I teach there. I eat there. I drink coffee there.
I love the 70’s feel of the dinner part (design by Gevers). This cafeteria my best spot
to meet and chat with fellow teachers artists and designers.

Le Vieux Saint-Martin

A Brussels’classic. I go there since I’m a kid. The bourgeois belgian spirit
in its true essence, mammies included. We love to go there early with my fiancée
on sunday afternoon (around 6:30), to eat american/frites and soles meunières.

Le Dillens

The Dillens is almost an extra-room of BaseDesign, as it is just 3 blocks
away from our studio. Great lunch, great brunch. But most of all the rendez-vous bar
of my creative team on thursday night. They call it the “jeudredi” … (= go on a jeudi, drink like a vendredi!).

The food department of Mark & Spencer

Just open a little while ago, the food section is in the basement. I just feel so weak
there: I want to buy everything. Awesome choice and british style packaging, I don’t know
any graphic designer that could resist it.


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/ production by MICHAEL MARSON & photo by MEREL HART /