VINCENT COEN //Filmmaker// Brussels 1060



/Vincent's favorite places in Brussels/


Parc Duden

It's were I go for running... it's great because it's hilly and in certain parts you almost have a forest-feeling, never mind the silly Leopold II statue (they should take that shit away).

Arriving by night in Gare du Nord

Seeing Rue d'Aerschot from the train at night is extremely beautiful in a dark and  threatening way. Pure Neon-lit Cinema.

Pizza Momo

Place Betlehem : good pizza's at a reasonable price, there is always place on the terrace & the  guys working there a really nice.


No need to introduce... but not a lot of people know the library, a good place to get some work done. They also sell amazing numbered lithographs of old filmposters for just a couple of euro.

Den Dolle Mol

My first bar in Brussels, used to go there in the nineties as a teenager. It was - and still is -a shithole, but I love it.


/production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON/