WILFRIED //Marketing director/Party organiser/Immo dude// Brussels 1080  



/ Wilfried's favorite places in Brussels /


The Canal

In the morning it is lovely to see flocks of birds flying over the canal. Often they seem to be heading south for more exotic temperatures. The open view for a couple of kilometres is refreshing at only a couple of miles from the grand place.

19th floor

I am a fan of architecture and more specific 70s one. Brasilia type buildings are favourites and my 19th floor near Yser is as precious as my 10th in Ostend. Enjoying the view.

Nuet Ni GenoegVincent

I love Belgian kitchen. It's the kitchen that reminds me of grandma's meals. These restaurants make the freshest vol-au-vents, rabbits and the rest. After that I have a period of vegetarianism.

Rouge Cloitre

A nice nature part of Brussels topped with old architecture. Sometimes an old lady sells her home made marmalade near St Anne. Lovely.


Mythical is the best word. Rarely a venue has that charisma , thanks to the people working (hard) for it. A reminder of a true open minded spirit at every level. I could write a book about this institution. A thick one. A positive one.


Good for the planet, good for us. I even go for local and small or fair trade. I buy less but better.



/production by MICHAEL MARSON & photo by MEREL HART/