BENJAMIN MONEIN //Master student at la Cambre mode/s/// Brussels 1050



/Benjamin's favorite places in Brussels/


Rue des Champs Elysées

I love walking down this street and enjoying classified art deco and architect's villas. Actually this is where my studio is. This is an important spot to me because this is where my collections get out of my mind and where the core of my univers is. When my doors are open, all of my visitors are enjoing the view and can appreciate my friendly and eclectic neighborhood.


A peaceful seventies place not far from the agitation of Flagey. After the closing of P.H.A.T. restaurant in Chatelain, I found consolation with their awesome burgers. It also has a good ambiance to have an aperitif with friends or dates...

Hotel Le Berger

The hotel is an old brothel. I am passionate about the tension in Giallo's movies. Thanks to this place's history and its vintage style, I can easily get imagination in the bistrot, it has a certain cinematographic atmosphere. I never rent a room. My favorite one could be the 08, called Ambre... but this is not an invitation!


My HQ in Matongé lets enjoy the heated terrace in low season (in Belgium you need it), and fresh home-made drinks in the summer, which makes me appreciate this discrete address. Just next to Stam is l’Athénée, which is also nice.

Garage de la glacière

I discovered this hangar because a friend lives on the same street. She took me underground with endless tunnels which are in fact a multitude of empty spaces that you can rent as a rehearsal studio. We crossed rock bands and dancers, and saw a vintage cars collection, junk shops & blabla...but I was inspired by this cold, noisy and intriguing area. I did the photo shoot of my bachelor collection some weeks later there, just after a big wildfire which burned a part of the garage! The owner sometimes opens a "barakis" style bar also... funny and authentic!!


Benjamin wears a Raf Simons's sweatshirt.

Thanks to STIJL.

/production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON/