TOM TACK //PR Agent// Brussels 1190



/Tom's favorite places in Brussels/


Villa Empain

This sumptuous art-deco villa hosts great exhibitions and an even more impressive pool. Unfortunately you’re not able to take a dip, but the well-curated art exhibitions will give you the necessary food for thought.

Chez Andriana

This Greek pitta place on Place de Ninove is the place to go for a tasty homemade pitta. Pick one of Andriana’s dishes and “la sauce qui va avec” and enjoy! Only open at noon, just look for the line waiting outside.

Boulevard Guillaume Van Haelen

A large boulevard, beginning of the century townhouses and loads of greenery: that’s the street I call home. Located between the Dudenpark and contemporary art centre Wiels, this street still fascinates me on a daily base.

Il Monticelli

The most hart-warming family-owned restaurant in Brussels to eat Italian dishes! Here you don’t go for the interior but for the perfectly shaped polenta fries!

Comus & Gasterea

Slow food ice cream: who wants more! Ignore the strange opening hours and grumpy owner and enjoy some of the best ice cream ever. The perfect spot for a sweet tooth like me.



/photo & production by MICHAEL MARSON/