ALADIN HARDY //PR Agent// Brussels 1000



/ Aladin's favorite places in Brussels/


La Piola

For its Négronis.

Maison Particulière

For its private collection.

Lab café

Because it’s right on the corner of my street.


For its flowers.

The Garden of the Hearts at the Museum van Buuren

For kissing.

The rooftop terrasse of the Royal Library Albert I

For its calm.

The terrasse of the Musical Instruments Museum

For its view.

St. Gilles’ market

For a drink among friends.

The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

For the beauty of its structure.

La Meilleure Jeunesse

For a charming get-together.


For lunch.

Reservoir Shop

For my sneakers.


/production by MICHAEL MARSON & photo by MEREL HART/