THOMAS WYNGAARD //Graphic Designer & Barista// & JEAN-BAPTISTE BERNADET //Artist/// Brussels 1060



/ Thomas' favorite places in Brussels /


Au Marché Noir

I love food, especially the one served at this new place. It's local, healthy, creative, affordable and the team is great. It's anything you can dream of a good neighborhood place, especially on a lazy day, or after a hard day at work.

Café Capitale

The place where I work actually, and where I'm learning to become a barista with all the knowledge it implies. There are only a few places for specialty coffee in Brussels, and this one is definitely one of them.


Well, I'm co-founder of those parties and also deejaying under the name of Herman De Brou. After a few parties in underground locations, we are now resident at La Vilaine, a new club in town. But Acidulez takes place only 3 or 4 times a year, we want to keep it as a special party. It's a mix of Acid House, New Beat and House.

Senteurs d'Ailleurs

The best place around for perfume and cosmetics by far. The place is insane, beautiful and they have a wide selection of brands. It's a must see while in Brussels.

Galerie de Waterloo

I used to live there in my 20's. It's a hidden private alley with old houses in the style of London's traditional houses with a small garden in front and all that. It's like living in the countryside in the heart of the city. It was a great period in my life, and lots of stuff happened there, whether it be with friends, landlord, family, study… great memories in a very romantic atmosphere.

Rest on a sunny day, Lake along the road to Antwerp

Our secret spot to escape Brussels.. well not so secret I guess since a lot of our friends know the place, but it's still very quiet and a bit remote, so still worth it for sure. We can swim, enjoy the nature, picnic, read a good book… There is also a small typical Flemish restaurant nearby, perfect at the end of the day for a good beer and garnaalkroketten.


This place is run by a collective of young people aware of new trends whether it be design, fashion or music (a new record section has opened on the top floor of the house). It is located in the heart of the historic district of Brussels, les Marolles. If you go for a walk to the flea market nearby, you have to pay them a visit cause you'll find rare and precious stuff over there.


A new place in town, like there ought to be more. A special place to find anything you can dream of out of a jungle (plants, plants and more plants... not flowers), paired with an exclusive selection of objects/furniture. Also in the antique district of Brussels. Not to be missed!



/ Jean-Baptiste's favorite places in Brussels /



I’m not the best of his clients, I’m not spending much on flowers, but there’s two things I highly appreciate with Boutemy when I go there: no matter your budget, they will do something beautiful for you for 10 euros without looking at you with disdain. And in a world where anyone working in creative industries pretends to be an artist, here is someone that truly is, without being pretentious. 


One of the problems I have in Brussels, like a lot of people I guess, is shopping. As soon as you make a decent living you’re travelling more, Brussels is so central in Europe, and shop everywhere you go but in Brussels. Part of it is the very poor offer in terms of fashion, bookstores, etc. But I still do like to spend part of my Sundays at Tropismes occasionally, not so much for the choice they have (the Art books department is especially miserable and conservative) but the place is beautiful and quiet, nestled in the beautiful Galeries du Roi et de la Reine.

 Bistro du Canal

At the end of rue Dansaert, a nice place and a nice team offers in my opinion one of the best price-quality ratio in Brussels. French bistro food made with fresh produce for a very affordable price.

 La Marie Joseph

This out-of-time brasserie (well, more a time-machine to the sixties), specialized in seafood and fish, is my absolute favorite. The service is old fashioned with waiters dressed in white shirts and black aprons, incredibly polite and affable no matter the way you dress. The food is simple but very good, fresh, and in the end not that expensive considering the quality. The mix of the clientele is also pretty amazing and entertaining.

Place des Martyrs

I love the architecture of the 1700’s and it is something I really miss in Brussels. The Place des Martyrs is one of the few squares in Brussels with a total 1700’s architecture along with Place Royale. But it is less monumental than Place Royale and feels more like a place you could live in. Too bad the nightmarish Rue Neuve is so close. Easier maybe, and nice too, would be living in an art-nouveau house, which is one of the greatest things Brussels has to offer.


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