CAROLINE MARSON //Art Director// Brussels 1190



/ Caroline's favorite places in Brussels /


Forcado Pastelaria

An exceptional pastel de nata for the food-addict I am.

Knees to Chin

A fresh idea, a weekly passage, and an addiction to their omelette-and-caramelised-onion spring rolls.

Comptoir des Galeries

A nice discovery in our Galeries de la Reine, a Brussels time-out, and a croquette-aux-crevettes seated by the bar.

Caravan Kitchen

A food-truck you can follow around Brussels, a unique trailer, a nice adventure, a beautiful couple, and a bagel-burger to draw your breath.

The Game

A nice selection of design, and the tableware set of my dreams by Petite Friture.

The Little Green Shop

An old curved shopfront window, an all-you-can-eat sweet and salty brunch-buffet, tea-time in a little hidden garden, a bouquet assembled with care, good taste and love. The blue hortensia is my all-time favourite.

La Belle Équipe

A nice glass of wine and the best Buffala-pizza in Brussels.

The Royal Greenhouses in Laeken

A fond memory of my grandmother, a flower-filled visit, a shared moment of tenderness, a pure wonder.


A nightly visit, star-filled eyes, an ever magical moment.

La mercerie

A greedy moment, a Marie Antoinette-style, English porcelain tableware, and a caramel-éclair the way I like them best.


/production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON/