Damien Jalet


DAMIEN JALET //Choreographer & Dancer// Brussels 1000



/ Damien's favorite places in Brussels /


The Temple of Human Passions

A Brussels’ secret. I used to play in the Park du Cinquantenaire when I was a kid and keep a vivid memory of this secret pavilion built by Victor Horta nearby the Great Mosque. This temple holds a spectacular marble relief of Jef Lambeaux representing the human passions, which was censored at the time as it was judged indecent. The pavilion was closed to the public since the scandal it created during its inauguration more than a century ago, but has is now open during the summertime.


Great food can change your mood. Here is an amazing restaurant with only three choices on the menu, which changes every day. Fresh, virtuose, and contemporary cooking in the center of Brussels for a reasonable price. The cook is a true artist, and the place has an interesting history too.

 Cinema Galeries

Probably my favorite cinema, because of its atmosphere and the films it programs. I’ve seen many films here that marked me. A year ago or so, there was a great installation by moviemaker Tsai Ming-liang in the basement.

 The lift Marolles-Poellaert

I love this lift between the low and high part of the city. One of the most beautiful views of Brussels gets unraveled as you stand against the window, and as the Brussels’ sky can often be too low, at least here you have a bigger picture. It really gives you an ascending feeling. Place Poellaert also has some amazing sunset parties during the summer.


I’m addicted to Japan, and it’s food in particular, so this place is great when I miss it too much. Fresh sushi, ramen, tea, rice, spice, seaweed, etc… a bit pricy though.





/ production by MICHAEL MARSON & photo by MEREL HART /