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ELISABETH CLAUSS /Journalist/Writer1000 Brussels  



/ Elisabeth's favorite places in Brussels /


The Brussels panorama as seen from Place Poelaert (at sunset) 

The spot where I fall in love with Brussels, over and over again. And the perfect place to use the L word for the very first time.

The square at Notre Dame - Sablon

Or how to remain a tourist, forever.

Any square centimeter of Tenbosch Parc

My private garden, of sorts.

The Marolles : drifting through Rue Blaes

Nipping trough the flea market, and winding my way back through Rue Haute. Familiar yet never the same.

The view from the Mont des Arts

Because the white belfry is one of my favorite monuments in the world and the way down this hill, the rue Ravenstein,
reminds me of a slide.

The market at Place du Chatelain

Not in the evening, rather, in the afternoon, before the crowds convene on it. When you have to slalom between buggies, shopping trolleys and dogs.

Rue de Flandre

All over.

Odette en Ville

Especially the sidewalk between the terrasse and the Celestin. Two worlds, one feeling.

Patrick Roger (Place du Sablon)

The best chocolates in Belgium are French (sorry, but I'm not that sorry).

The Saint Aulaye bakery & pastry shop

Where bread and cakes go beyond fun & games.


thanks to Adrien Coelho Premier Studio

/production by MICHAEL MARSON & photo by MEREL HART