Faces Brussels Part 1 bis


CAROLINE MARSON //Art Director// Brussels 1190



/ Caroline's favorite places in Brussels /


Forcado Pastelaria

An exceptional pastel de nata for the food-addict I am.

Knees to Chin

A fresh idea, a weekly passage, and an addiction to their omelette-and-caramelised-onion spring rolls.

Comptoir des Galeries

A nice discovery in our Galeries de la Reine, a Brussels time-out, and a croquette-aux-crevettes seated by the bar.

Caravan Kitchen

A food-truck you can follow around Brussels, a unique trailer, a nice adventure, a beautiful couple, and a bagel-burger to draw your breath.

The Game

A nice selection of design, and the tableware set of my dreams by Petite Friture.

The Little Green Shop

An old curved shopfront window, an all-you-can-eat sweet and salty brunch-buffet, tea-time in a little hidden garden, a bouquet assembled with care, good taste and love. The blue hortensia is my all-time favourite.

La Belle Équipe

A nice glass of wine and the best Buffala-pizza in Brussels.

The Royal Greenhouses in Laeken

A fond memory of my grandmother, a flower-filled visit, a shared moment of tenderness, a pure wonder.


A nightly visit, star-filled eyes, an ever magical moment.

La mercerie

A greedy moment, a Marie Antoinette-style, English porcelain tableware, and a caramel-éclair the way I like them best.


/production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON/


PIERRE DARAS //Art Director// Brussels 1060


/ Pierre's favorite places in Brussels /


Bijoux Adora

Perles de culture. Every pearl is a lynx, is a girl.

Salon Vega

Massimo (sweetheart) the only very best hairdresser in town.

Thierry Boutémy

The Flowers Poet.

Xavier Hufkens

Do not miss a single show! 

Le Fontainas

It remains, after years, the coolest bar downtown.

Isabelle Bajart

Jan & her know about taste and selection.

Le Vismet

The exquisite solette! 

La droguerie Le Lion

The paradise for a manic depressive as I am.


The hidden treasure for my coveralls.


Lovely family & delicious sweet treat.


/production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON/


MICHAEL JUNIOR MATTHIJS //Graphic Designer// Brussels 1050



/Michael Junior's favorite places in Brussels /


Esplanade du Palais de Justice
A couple of beers, some friends and a beautiful sunset can even make you forget you’re in Brussels, eventually, looking for that Hollywood sign. Other highlight moments to share that amazing view are definitely the Brüxsel Jardin parties or a walk through the Marolles area by the elevator.
Marché de Saint-Gilles

On Monday afternoon, friends are starting texting. Don’t even need to specify the place anymore : the market of Saint-Gilles is one of the best ways to start your week. Ask for Raymond and his famous grilled goat and your evening is saved!
Smets Premium Store
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that of a regular customer of the luxury multibrands store, but it’s always so refreshing to see what the new trends are and discover new international designers. The kindness of the team makes you feel special, which is not a common thing in luxury boutiques.  A lunch in the arty and colourful atmosphere of the Bowery restaurant is highly appreciated as well! Keep an eye out for their organised events too, they are worth the ride!
Once you’ve entered the club, stress gets lower and motivation gets bigger. For a serious workout or a relaxing moment in the wellness facilities, it always ends at the bar with a fresh detox juice and a feeling that you’ve been good to your body, which always pays off.

Count on Bozar to change your perspective on boring museums! The diversity of the exhibitions, national and international artists, modern photographers or classic painters, there’s always a good reason to visit the museum on (rainy) weekends. A moment to stare and think, but not only, as they’re organizing concerts, festivals, and parties! As a bad point, bring back the Bozar Shop!



/production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON/


ELISABETH CLAUSS /Journalist/Writer1000 Brussels  



/ Elisabeth's favorite places in Brussels /


The Brussels panorama as seen from Place Poelaert (at sunset) 

The spot where I fall in love with Brussels, over and over again. And the perfect place to use the L word for the very first time.

The square at Notre Dame - Sablon

Or how to remain a tourist, forever.

Any square centimeter of Tenbosch Parc

My private garden, of sorts.

The Marolles : drifting through Rue Blaes

Nipping trough the flea market, and winding my way back through Rue Haute. Familiar yet never the same.

The view from the Mont des Arts

Because the white belfry is one of my favorite monuments in the world and the way down this hill, the rue Ravenstein,
reminds me of a slide.

The market at Place du Chatelain

Not in the evening, rather, in the afternoon, before the crowds convene on it. When you have to slalom between buggies, shopping trolleys and dogs.

Rue de Flandre

All over.

Odette en Ville

Especially the sidewalk between the terrasse and the Celestin. Two worlds, one feeling.

Patrick Roger (Place du Sablon)

The best chocolates in Belgium are French (sorry, but I'm not that sorry).

The Saint Aulaye bakery & pastry shop

Where bread and cakes go beyond fun & games.


thanks to Adrien Coelho Premier Studio

/production by MICHAEL MARSON & photo by MEREL HART



BERT VERMEIRE //Creative Software Engineer// Brussels 1000



/ Bert's favorite places in Brussels /


The top of the Basilica Of The Sacred Heart in Koekelberg

I think the basilica is one of the most underestimated buildings in Brussels. Much more a futuristic art deco temple than a church, it would perfectly blend into Dune or any other sci-fi classic. The panoramic dome offers a great view on the city.

Le Vismet

You know you’re a regular at a restaurant when the staff kisses you hello when you walk in. Ravioli of stockfish, grilled zucchini and antiboise sauce.  Best starter on the planet.

The main hall of the Museum of Fine Arts

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts is less popular than the well-known Bozar but they have a huge collection to go explore. The main hall is really impressive. My favourite piece is the triptych on the life of Saint Anthony by Bosch. 

The crypt under the Laeken cemetery

Officially closed to the public for renovations… But they ‘re quite chill about their security measures. A very calming place where all the Brussels beau-monde from the past has gathered. You’ll find Joseph Poelaert, Fernand Khnopff and many others who helped build Brussels and its unique style.

Librairie des Galeries

I’ve spent too much money here. Careful kids, art books are addictive. 

Thurn & Taxis

Named after a noble family that was the DHL or UPS of its day, this 19th century industrial site and its area are an interesting urban experiment. It’s cool to stroll around the enormous warehouses and venture further into the newly created park. 

The staircases at the entry of the Palace of Justice

Every time I’m caught in a surprise rainstorm -Belgium after all- I seem to end up here. It feels a bit like hiding in a Greek temple with the Gods performing a celestial spectacle. Great sculptures, especially the ones of Lycurgus and Demosthenes.

Au Suisse

Martino with anchovies or baguette tomate-crevette. Yes please!

The Henri Le Boeuf concert hall at Bozar

Undoubtedly the whole building is one of Horta’s masterpieces… But the concert hall is just out of this world. Also a good hangout to run into the Royal family. 

Easy Tempo

I love sitting in the kitchen at restaurants. But especially here, with the slightly hyperactive but charming owner and all the internal conversations going on in Italian. Great food and great prosecco.

The flower part of the Marché du midi

I try to get here every Sunday for fresh flowers. I admit, sometimes coming straight from clubbing. But a last stiff drink and a pair of sunglasses get you a long way.


/production MICHAEL MARSON & photo by MEREL HART/


BENOIT BETHUME  //Art Director/Founder of Memoire Universelle// Brussels 1050



/ Benoit's favorite places in Brussels /


Stade Fallon

A very strange isolated place, very inspiring.

Rue Vautier

By the natural history museum , I would love to live in that street.


For the best « tomates crevettes » in summertime and « vol au vent » in the winter , and the never-ending discussion with my friend claudine.

Quartier des 3 tilleuls 

Truly a hidden paradise in Brussels. I had the best memories there in my best friend’s mum's house.


My favorite lunch place for the nicest debriefing with my friend Jeanne.


The coffee place out of time and very belgian.


The best old café to spend a nice evening on the terrace.

Librairie des Galeries

A very beautiful place and an impressive tasteful selection of art books.

Senteurs d’Ailleurs

As a candle collector, it’s a place where I love to spend time and a lot of money.


 www.benoitbethume.com / www.memoire-universelle.com  

/production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON/