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MICHAEL JUNIOR MATTHIJS //Graphic Designer// Brussels 1050



/Michael Junior's favorite places in Brussels /


Esplanade du Palais de Justice
A couple of beers, some friends and a beautiful sunset can even make you forget you’re in Brussels, eventually, looking for that Hollywood sign. Other highlight moments to share that amazing view are definitely the Brüxsel Jardin parties or a walk through the Marolles area by the elevator.
Marché de Saint-Gilles

On Monday afternoon, friends are starting texting. Don’t even need to specify the place anymore : the market of Saint-Gilles is one of the best ways to start your week. Ask for Raymond and his famous grilled goat and your evening is saved!
Smets Premium Store
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that of a regular customer of the luxury multibrands store, but it’s always so refreshing to see what the new trends are and discover new international designers. The kindness of the team makes you feel special, which is not a common thing in luxury boutiques.  A lunch in the arty and colourful atmosphere of the Bowery restaurant is highly appreciated as well! Keep an eye out for their organised events too, they are worth the ride!
Once you’ve entered the club, stress gets lower and motivation gets bigger. For a serious workout or a relaxing moment in the wellness facilities, it always ends at the bar with a fresh detox juice and a feeling that you’ve been good to your body, which always pays off.

Count on Bozar to change your perspective on boring museums! The diversity of the exhibitions, national and international artists, modern photographers or classic painters, there’s always a good reason to visit the museum on (rainy) weekends. A moment to stare and think, but not only, as they’re organizing concerts, festivals, and parties! As a bad point, bring back the Bozar Shop!



/production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON/