Simon Johannin


SIMON JOHANNIN //Student & Model// Brussels 1000



/ Simon's favorite places in Brussels/


Video Express

I spend a lot of time in this video rental store. Renting a dvd isn't common anymore these days, but just open the door and we'll see if you’re gonna go back empty handed. Their handmade dvd jackets are just worth it, this is a really cool place.

Gare du Congrès

I did my first artistic residency at Gare du Congrès with another student from Espace Urbain, and this train station definitely has something special. It’s not only for the secret rooms behind the wooden panels on the wall, or the large hidden tunnel that created a secret passage between this station and Midi station (if you can ride it, just do). It has this strange capacity for a place to be just what you want it to be, whether it's a club, a workshop, a skate spot or a classroom.

Bali Africa

Don’t come in this creepy house if you’re afraid of spells, Djins, animist spirits or BDSM amateur pictures . But If you’re not, it’s another door full of mistery to open in Brussels. Each piece of this shop has something very special, and you have over 10.000 different pieces made with bones, wood and iron, from many different countries, you just have to choose the right one …

Cinema Nova

I saw my first porn on a big screen at the Cinema Nova. It was a sixties movie by a Swedish director and it was like taking the Dolorean to see a conception of sexuality from another time. This kind of things happen in Cinema Nova, every movie is an experience and the entire programme is made by activists who want to share independant production. If you see a movie in Cinema Nova, you most likely won’t see it anywhere else.

La Loge

Brussels is a city full of differents art spaces, but La Loge to me is one of the best dedicated to contemporary art, architecture and theory. Maybe because this is a non-profit place, maybe not, but in this old masonic lodge La Loge proposes a really high level selection and suggest a true dialogue to the public with artistic reflexion and creation, and nothing else. 

/ production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON /