benoit bethume


BENOIT BETHUME  //Art Director/Founder of Memoire Universelle// Brussels 1050



/ Benoit's favorite places in Brussels /


Stade Fallon

A very strange isolated place, very inspiring.

Rue Vautier

By the natural history museum , I would love to live in that street.


For the best « tomates crevettes » in summertime and « vol au vent » in the winter , and the never-ending discussion with my friend claudine.

Quartier des 3 tilleuls 

Truly a hidden paradise in Brussels. I had the best memories there in my best friend’s mum's house.


My favorite lunch place for the nicest debriefing with my friend Jeanne.


The coffee place out of time and very belgian.


The best old café to spend a nice evening on the terrace.

Librairie des Galeries

A very beautiful place and an impressive tasteful selection of art books.

Senteurs d’Ailleurs

As a candle collector, it’s a place where I love to spend time and a lot of money. /  

/production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON/