JEROEN MUYLAERT //Student & Model// Brussels 1000



/ Jeroen's favorite places in Brussels/


The skatepark at Kapellekerk

When I was young I loved rollerblading, so almost every day when the weather was good I went to this skatepark to skate.

Parking 58

If you want to have a beautiful view over Brussels you need to go to the top of this car park. Now you can even get drinks up there when the weather is good.

Palais du midi

I have spent a lot of hours in this sports hall playing basketball. I played basketball in that club from when I was 12 untill I got 20.


In this bar you can drink a lot of different beers. So sometimes I go there with friends to try some beers we haven't drunk yet.

The basketball court at rue Dansaert

 I grew up in that neighborhood so I was often chilling there with friends or playing some basketball on the court.


Jeroen at Ulla Models

/ production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON /


ALADIN HARDY //PR Agent// Brussels 1000



/ Aladin's favorite places in Brussels/


La Piola

For its Négronis.

Maison Particulière

For its private collection.

Lab café

Because it’s right on the corner of my street.


For its flowers.

The Garden of the Hearts at the Museum van Buuren

For kissing.

The rooftop terrasse of the Royal Library Albert I

For its calm.

The terrasse of the Musical Instruments Museum

For its view.

St. Gilles’ market

For a drink among friends.

The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

For the beauty of its structure.

La Meilleure Jeunesse

For a charming get-together.


For lunch.

Reservoir Shop

For my sneakers.


/production by MICHAEL MARSON & photo by MEREL HART/


BENJAMIN MONEIN //Master student at la Cambre mode/s/// Brussels 1050



/Benjamin's favorite places in Brussels/


Rue des Champs Elysées

I love walking down this street and enjoying classified art deco and architect's villas. Actually this is where my studio is. This is an important spot to me because this is where my collections get out of my mind and where the core of my univers is. When my doors are open, all of my visitors are enjoing the view and can appreciate my friendly and eclectic neighborhood.


A peaceful seventies place not far from the agitation of Flagey. After the closing of P.H.A.T. restaurant in Chatelain, I found consolation with their awesome burgers. It also has a good ambiance to have an aperitif with friends or dates...

Hotel Le Berger

The hotel is an old brothel. I am passionate about the tension in Giallo's movies. Thanks to this place's history and its vintage style, I can easily get imagination in the bistrot, it has a certain cinematographic atmosphere. I never rent a room. My favorite one could be the 08, called Ambre... but this is not an invitation!


My HQ in Matongé lets enjoy the heated terrace in low season (in Belgium you need it), and fresh home-made drinks in the summer, which makes me appreciate this discrete address. Just next to Stam is l’Athénée, which is also nice.

Garage de la glacière

I discovered this hangar because a friend lives on the same street. She took me underground with endless tunnels which are in fact a multitude of empty spaces that you can rent as a rehearsal studio. We crossed rock bands and dancers, and saw a vintage cars collection, junk shops & blabla...but I was inspired by this cold, noisy and intriguing area. I did the photo shoot of my bachelor collection some weeks later there, just after a big wildfire which burned a part of the garage! The owner sometimes opens a "barakis" style bar also... funny and authentic!!


Benjamin wears a Raf Simons's sweatshirt.

Thanks to STIJL.

/production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON/


ADRIEN COELHO //Head Stylist// Brussels 1050



/Adrien's favorite places in Brussels/


Ramon & Valy

To hunt them crazy pieces, I often find beautiful capes.


Buying everything in bulk, less packaging, more savings, back to basics.... Finally !

Cafe capital THE LAB

Good coffee is a matter of taste.

Forcado Pasteleria

The pastei nata recall my childhood, smell, taste and my home country I love. 

Hunting and collecting

Friends, great people, a generous taste and daring in their choice of clothes, accessories and the opportunity to purchase a beautiful bouquet of flowers by the way!

/production by MICHAEL MARSON & photo by MEREL HART/


FLORENCE SAMAIN //Craftswoman/Darwin Sect Guru/Make-up Artist// Brussels 1060



/Florence's favorite places in Brussels/


The Darwin Sect Garden

My little Eden hidden in the city. Putting my hands into the soil, observing insects, looking at fishes playing with nenuphars, smelling ferns, breeding birds... Isn't it Paradise?

Pierre Marcolini

The Sanctuary of the most exquisite flavors. I coud kill for a single Kendem Lembu Java dark chocolate square... said enough!

Salle Senbo

REAL GYM Boxing Team. Great coach & team, old school music, perfect good vibes... Muay Thai is probably one of the best ways to channel one's energies, increasing psychic and physical skill level. A powerful addiction! 

Tea for two

About 200 different kinds of tea selected with passion to discover and enjoy with a piece of homemade cake... 

The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

Phantasmagoric soap bubble architecture and tropical flora. An absolute megalomania! I would dream to laze there alone for hours...

/production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON/


CAROLINE MARSON //Art Director// Brussels 1190



/ Caroline's favorite places in Brussels /


Forcado Pastelaria

An exceptional pastel de nata for the food-addict I am.

Knees to Chin

A fresh idea, a weekly passage, and an addiction to their omelette-and-caramelised-onion spring rolls.

Comptoir des Galeries

A nice discovery in our Galeries de la Reine, a Brussels time-out, and a croquette-aux-crevettes seated by the bar.

Caravan Kitchen

A food-truck you can follow around Brussels, a unique trailer, a nice adventure, a beautiful couple, and a bagel-burger to draw your breath.

The Game

A nice selection of design, and the tableware set of my dreams by Petite Friture.

The Little Green Shop

An old curved shopfront window, an all-you-can-eat sweet and salty brunch-buffet, tea-time in a little hidden garden, a bouquet assembled with care, good taste and love. The blue hortensia is my all-time favourite.

La Belle Équipe

A nice glass of wine and the best Buffala-pizza in Brussels.

The Royal Greenhouses in Laeken

A fond memory of my grandmother, a flower-filled visit, a shared moment of tenderness, a pure wonder.


A nightly visit, star-filled eyes, an ever magical moment.

La mercerie

A greedy moment, a Marie Antoinette-style, English porcelain tableware, and a caramel-éclair the way I like them best.


/production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON/


MICHAEL JUNIOR MATTHIJS //Graphic Designer// Brussels 1050



/Michael Junior's favorite places in Brussels /


Esplanade du Palais de Justice
A couple of beers, some friends and a beautiful sunset can even make you forget you’re in Brussels, eventually, looking for that Hollywood sign. Other highlight moments to share that amazing view are definitely the Brüxsel Jardin parties or a walk through the Marolles area by the elevator.
Marché de Saint-Gilles

On Monday afternoon, friends are starting texting. Don’t even need to specify the place anymore : the market of Saint-Gilles is one of the best ways to start your week. Ask for Raymond and his famous grilled goat and your evening is saved!
Smets Premium Store
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that of a regular customer of the luxury multibrands store, but it’s always so refreshing to see what the new trends are and discover new international designers. The kindness of the team makes you feel special, which is not a common thing in luxury boutiques.  A lunch in the arty and colourful atmosphere of the Bowery restaurant is highly appreciated as well! Keep an eye out for their organised events too, they are worth the ride!
Once you’ve entered the club, stress gets lower and motivation gets bigger. For a serious workout or a relaxing moment in the wellness facilities, it always ends at the bar with a fresh detox juice and a feeling that you’ve been good to your body, which always pays off.

Count on Bozar to change your perspective on boring museums! The diversity of the exhibitions, national and international artists, modern photographers or classic painters, there’s always a good reason to visit the museum on (rainy) weekends. A moment to stare and think, but not only, as they’re organizing concerts, festivals, and parties! As a bad point, bring back the Bozar Shop!



/production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON/