darwin sect


FLORENCE SAMAIN //Craftswoman/Darwin Sect Guru/Make-up Artist// Brussels 1060



/Florence's favorite places in Brussels/


The Darwin Sect Garden

My little Eden hidden in the city. Putting my hands into the soil, observing insects, looking at fishes playing with nenuphars, smelling ferns, breeding birds... Isn't it Paradise?

Pierre Marcolini

The Sanctuary of the most exquisite flavors. I coud kill for a single Kendem Lembu Java dark chocolate square... said enough!

Salle Senbo

REAL GYM Boxing Team. Great coach & team, old school music, perfect good vibes... Muay Thai is probably one of the best ways to channel one's energies, increasing psychic and physical skill level. A powerful addiction! 

Tea for two

About 200 different kinds of tea selected with passion to discover and enjoy with a piece of homemade cake... 

The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

Phantasmagoric soap bubble architecture and tropical flora. An absolute megalomania! I would dream to laze there alone for hours...




/production & photo by MICHAEL MARSON/