1/ Shirt Feng Chen Wang, Roll neck and trousers Tiger of Sweden

2/ Left Roll Neck Weekday and Jacket Hugo Boss // Right Zip through top and shorts Feng Chen Wang, Socks Falke and Sandals Prada

3/ Left Inner Jacket Beau Homme, OuterJacket Lou Dalton and Trousers Xander Zhou // Right Striped Top Tourne De Transmission and Polo Sunspel

4/ Left Checked Shirt & Trouser Tiger of Sweden and Roll Neck Sunspel // Right Coat Xander Zhou, trousers and shirt Beau Homme 


/ Photographey by Rhys Thopre /

/ Stylist by Aartthie Mahakuperan /

/ Featuring Auguste at Storm /

/ Hair by Toshinari Kokubun / 

/ Grooming by Asuka Fukuda /

/ Photo Assistants Tom Skinner and Dirk Birmbauer / 

Special Thanks to Michael Baker, GAS Productions Shot at Wandering Bears Studio