Anja Rubik, Caroline De Maigret, Julien Gallico, Luca Gadjus, Saif Mahdhi, Laetitia Crahay, David Alexander Flinn, Zahoua Raji, Saskia Lawaks, Emmanuel Tomasini, Barbara Martelo & Alastair McKimm.



Anja  : Who would you rather dress : Sharon Stone or Brigitte Bardot ?

A : Sharon, always...

ZahouaWhat is THE recollection of our adolescence that inspires you in your work ?

A : When I customised your Quick T-shirt when we were 17, and you got yourself fired because of it.

LucaHow is your creative process or work ethic ? Structured, scheduled, stoic-like e.g. Thomas Mann, or rather unpredictable and characterised by phases of creative highs and lows ?

A : Every day , every hour , every minute I'm thinking of shoes, details, attitude, … It's quite awful sometimes, because it can overtake me while I’m having a completely different conversation with someone. But I can't help it.

What follows is never scheduled. I have a problem with that. Once I’ve thought all about a moment, the realisation of the concept is quite evident and fast. But it never turns out like I thought… Which is frustrating, but it helps to move on to the next one, and to always question things.

 Caroline : Anthony, how do you define feminism, and do you consider yourself to be feminist ?

A : To me, being feminist today is to be free. To live for yourself and not for others. I believe to have done so since the beginning; the woman I dress is self-assured. Or at least I hope she is…

 Julien : Who would be THE person to have reborn ?

A : Nobody. Once it’s over, it’s time to pass on to other things.

Saif : Who is the inspiration for the final dress worn by Anja during the S/S 2013 défilé ?

A : That’s you of course … #discomarrakesh... ;-)

  Luca : What is your biggest fear, your worst nightmare ? Do you have any phobia ?

A : I’ve been a claustrophobic since I got stuck in an elevator in Casablanca five years ago. And I’m more and more afraid of taking a plane … I guess the more I take it, the more I risk having a crash … it’s just statistics. The older I grow, the more I’m scared of death.

  Luca : Your collections are more than visual delights. How would you recognise someone wearing an Anthony Vaccarello piece in a darkroom ?

A : By touching her …

Barbara : How come your clothes are so sexy ?

A : That's a question you have to answer.

 Laetitia : What is the best way for you to recover after the end of new collection ?

A : To spend time with friends and my family.

DAF : Where did you find Anthony ?

A : I found myself quite early I guess. At school in ’99, sketching on a wooden bench. It was there without knowing it could ever be a real job or business. It was just the desire to dress or undress a woman, which became reality in 2006. 

Barbara : Sooner or later you will be offered to be the Creative Director of a Major Brand … Would you put your own brand on hold to pursue that project, or would you try to keep both, even with fashion’s demanding calendar today ?

A : Everything is possible, depending on how things come to be, and which house is asking. But only one can ask me to so. I believe it’s impossible to do two brands with the same enthusiasm and energy. It would drive me crazy knowing that one would always be less good than the other.

I don’t think it’s about moving energy towards something else. I could also stop fashion altogether and put my creative energy in another field than fashion. I don’t want to see fashion as a goal itself.

Emmanuel : When will boys finally have the opportunity to dress in AV ? I for one would really love to…

A : There are quite a few pieces for men in the collections… It’s merely a question of looking… You already have Amber Valetta’s bomber jacket ;-)

 Saskia : What is the positive thought to makes you bounce back up when you are at the end of your strength ?

A : I rarely am at the end. And when I am, I fall… and think of nothing else. It’s quite rare.

AnjaWould you rather be Gianni Versace or do Gianni Versace ?

A : Being myself, having grown up with all Gianni Versace did in the 90´s.

 Alastair : What is today's obsession ?

A : Change.





/ production & photography by MICHAEL MARSON /

/ Illustration by CEDRIK TOSELLI by a portrait by Robbie Fimmano /

/ feat.  JONAS, LOUIS & VINNIE from Rebel Management, TYAS & KLAUDIA from Jill Models, CAROLINE DAVIS from IMM /

/ make-up & hair by Romain Sabau @ Touch Dominique /

/ All clothes from Anthony Vaccarello's collection / archives /