La Cambre Mode(s)


As he was finishing his fourth year at La Cambre, Cyril Bourez created a collection around iconic pieces we all know and love. The collection is called “Merci Beaucoup” and honours some of the designs that made him want to go into fashion in the first place. His figures are refreshing, yet very respectful of the original compositions.

We asked him a few questions and got a glimpse of this young designer’s insight.


Your strength: Being optimistic

Your weakness: I need comfort

Your colour: Blue

Your smell: Sea salt on skin

Your inspiration: A film character, a vintage piece, a detail on my boyfriend's pants

Your sound: Chet Baker's voice

Your destination: Cornwall, the two of us for a few days, soon I hope

Your wildest dream: A two-months holiday

Your worst nightmare: Losing sense of sight

Your goal: Finding the right job, the right place, to feel artistically complete, building something, keeping everything simple



/ by Gaelle Van Lede /

/ photography by Nagib Chtaïb /

/ Style by Michael Marson /

/ Featuring Maxime at Rebel Management / 

/ Assistant Xavier Bourgeois / 




All by Sander Bos

Both by Cyril Bourez

Left by Alix Brandenbourger

Right by Alice Fraudeau

Jacket by Cyril Bourez

Mask by Iuliia Gulina 

All by Lukas Spilka

Left by Alix Brandenbourger

Right by Nastasia Fine

Left by Clément Grangier

Right by David Ring

Left by Quentin Mestdagh

Right by Gabriel Figueiredo



/ Photography by SANDER+GRETAR /


/ Featuring Tyas at Flag Models, Jessica, Jelle and Laura at Jill Models /

/ Make-Up by Cecile Paravina / 

/ Assistant Stylist Alana Knight /