Royal Academy Antwerp


Graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Wujic Jo paid tribute to his childhood hero Mr. Bean. The collection depicts 12 suits that would have been made by the funny English man himself. Every piece is particularly worked upon with details that are totally in sync with the character of Mr Bean.

After asking the young Korean designer some questions, we understand the way the collection has been constructed, and we love it even more.


Your strength: I’m a good storyteller and I’m very imaginative

Your weakness: My stubbornness, as well as my unbalanced work- and lifestyle

Your colour: Navy

Your smell: Taylor of Bond Street Cologne during the day, and Proraso aftershave during the night

Your inspiration: My childhood

Your sound: I just love the sound of people’s shoes when they walk outside

Your destination: Home, I would like this to be my final destination personally as well as work wise

Your wildest dream: I don’t dream, I’m a realistic kind of guy

Your worst nightmare: I wasn’t ready for my jury so I had to present my work with very little preparation. So I guess I already experienced it

Your goal: I want to become creative director of my all time favourite brand, it’s a secret right now, but I’m confident I will be able to tell you soon ;)


/ by Gaelle Van Lede /

/ photography by Nagib Chtaïb /

/ Style by Michael Marson /

/ Featuring Maxime at Rebel Management / 

/ Assistant Xavier Bourgeois / 



All by Sander Bos

Both by Cyril Bourez

Left by Alix Brandenbourger

Right by Alice Fraudeau

Jacket by Cyril Bourez

Mask by Iuliia Gulina 

All by Lukas Spilka

Left by Alix Brandenbourger

Right by Nastasia Fine

Left by Clément Grangier

Right by David Ring

Left by Quentin Mestdagh

Right by Gabriel Figueiredo



/ Photography by SANDER+GRETAR /


/ Featuring Tyas at Flag Models, Jessica, Jelle and Laura at Jill Models /

/ Make-Up by Cecile Paravina / 

/ Assistant Stylist Alana Knight /