J.W. Anderson X UNIQLO is one of the most expected collaborations hitting their stores this autumn.

We caught up with the London-based designer to find out more about the line.


PP: Have you been a UNIQLO fan for years? What attracts you about their clothing and concept?

JWA: Uniqlo is truly my uniform! The clothes are simple and essential yet universal.

PP: When did you first evoke a possible collaboration together? And how long did it take to make it happen?

JWA: Everything started over a year ago, both teams bonded right away and here we are.

PP: One of your desires within the line was to democratize your work in order to reach a wider audience.

JWA: I wanted to re-propose the timeless British Classics – a duffel coat, aran and fairisle knits, a mackintosh coat, striped scarves, checked shirts and other staples. Every single detail mattered, so it was me trying on a lot of clothing to check it. I’m really looking forward to seeing how people wear the collection.

PP: What are your favourite pieces within the collection?

JWA: A few seasons ago, we tried to create a puffer jacket, but we didn’t have the knowledge or the technology that Uniqlo has - so of all the things that was the mission! I wanted a tartan printed puffer that I could wear.

PP: Would you do such collaborations with other brands in the future?

JWA: Sure, this is not my first actually, I did two for TopShop before.

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/ Interview by Philippe Pourhashemi /

/ Photography by Sander + Gretar /

/ Art Direction Pierre Daras /

/ Make-Up by Noel Inocencio for MAC Cosmetics /

/ featuring Fedor at Rebel Management /

/ www.uniqlo.com