Right White Top JUUN.J, Reworked Vintage Pull GmBH, Flannel Apron Pants AND RE WALKER

Left Beige Shorts SACAI, Peach Top and Black Leather Shoes ANN DEMEULEMEESTER, Tights EMILIO CAVALLINI







Peach Trousers and Rose Brooch ANN DEMEULEMEESTER, Gloves , AGNELLE, Leather White Loafers JUUN. J

Anorak Jacket  GmbH X HELLY HANSEN, Olive Track Pants GmbH

Left Cotton Knit Sweater SACAI, White Sleeveless Zip Up Vest COTTWEILER, Black Printed Pants ISSEY MIYAKE MEN, Black Socks EMILIO CAVALLINI, White Leather Loafers JUNN.J, Bag HOMME PLISSE ISSEY MIYAKE

Pants with Incorporated Shirt Sleeve JUUN.J


/ Photography by Allan Hamitouche /

/ Fashion by Jérémie Chegrane / 

/ Featuring Ulysse at Success Models / 


// GO&SEE //

Left Jacket Cmmn Swdn, shirt Miu Miu, vest Dries Van Noten, jeans and belt stylists own

Right Blazer and trousers Prada, knit Maison Margiela

Left Shirt and tie Cmmn Swdn

Right Shirt Miu Miu and trousers stylists own

Left Vest, trousers and belt Maison Margiela

Right Jacket by Cmmn Swdn and jeans stylists own

Left Coat Costume National, shirt Dries Van Noten and sunglasses models own

Right Shit Miu Miu and trousers stylists own

Left Jacket Costume National, knit Raf Simons and trousers Prada

Right Vest Dries Van Noten and necklace Maison Margiela

Left Jacket Cmmn Swdn, vest Dries Van Noten and necklace Maison Margiela


Left Vest Dries Van Noten, jeans and belt stylists own

Right Vest Maison Margiela



/ Photography and Art Direction by Patricia Ruiz del Portal /

/ Fashion by  Adam Pruchniewicz /

/ Hair by Wilson Fok using BEDHEAD by TIGI / 

/ Featuring Ben B and Herald at Models1, Filip Roséen at Supa, George Gibbs at Storm /



Left  Shirt Cos, pants  Pringle Of Scotland and harness stylist’s own

Right Coat Cos, shirt Christian Dior, pants Ben Sherman and sweatshirt Ralph Lauren

Left Jacket  Burberry , shirt  Jeff Banks , shorts, belt and tie stylist’s own, shoes and socks model’s own  Right Pants  Alexander McQueen

Left Jacket Burberry, shirt Jeff Banks, shorts, belt and tie stylist’s own, shoes and socks model’s own

Right Pants Alexander McQueen

Left Coat Saint laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, shirt Cos, pants Alexander McQueen, beret and belt stylist’s own

Right Suit Jeff Banks, top Topman and belt  stylist’s own

Left Trench coat Burberry, shirt Ben Sherman, boiler suit Dickies, shirt Vivienne Westwood and shoes stylist’s own

Right Pants and belt Alexander McQueen


/ Photography & Styling by Yarden Lawson / 

/ Featuring Jordi Van Spanje and Zhao Hang at Wilhelmina London / 



Left Vest Raf Simons and underwear Hanro

Right Tee American Vintage and underwear Hanro

Left Coat Ann Demeulemeester

Left Leather jacket Ann Demeulemeester

Right Tee Ann Demeulemeester and underwear Hanro


Both Tee American Vintage and underwear Hanro

Both Tee American Vintage and underwear Hanro

Left Leather jacket Ann Demeulemeester and underwear Hanro

Right Shirt Ann Demeulemeester

Left Coat Ann Demeulemeester




/ Photography by Merel Hart /

/ AD & Style by Michaël Marson /

/ Featuring Joshua at Be Model Management, Kamiel & Yves at Success, Quinten at Jill Models and Leopold at Dominique Models /

/ MU by Jenneke Croubels /

/ Photographer's assistant Anne-Sophie Guillet /

/ Thanks to STIJL Brussels /




Trying too hard is not part of Diesel's DNA. With the festive season upon us, it might be tempting to pile it up, disappear under ugly wool sweaters and 'make some statements' about the long and dreary Winter, but that's not what the Italian brand's new collection is about. Imagined for boys and girls, its PRE Spring Summer 2018 collection is full of instantly hot and desirable items, which save us from Holiday Hell. Now, that is something BTB fans will surely want to relate to… Diesel fights uncool wool with the help of a sheep! So watch out, Ugly Wool Sweater lovers: this Winter, sheep will be dressed cooler than those who wear their wool.
Discover Diesel’s collection in store in Antwerp and Brussels and enjoy a joint offer from 15th December until 22nd December. Both Diesel stores offer a Christmas photo wall to print your own Christmas cards*. 



/ Photography by Nagib Chtaïb /

/ Fashion by Michaël Marson /

/ Featuring Senne and Mathilde at Rebel Model Management, Bill at Ulla Models / 

/ Make-Up and Hair by Jenneke Croubels /

/ Assistant and production by Xavier Bourgeois /



Left Cardigan Rika Studios, pants Marni and vintage tie

Left Top Rick Owens

Right Cardigan Hugo Boss, shorts Rika Studios and pants Celine

Left Shorts Rika Studios and pants Celine

Right Sweater Acne Studios and cardigan Calvin Klein

Left Jeans Fien and vintage pants

Right Pants Marni and vintage tie

Left Tee Calvin Klein and jeans Levi's

Right Demin jacket and jeans Diesel

Left Suit Rika Studios and sweater

Right Pants and scarf Celine



/ Photography by Emil Pabon / 

/ Fashion by Ali Javaid / 

/ Featuring Gilles Broersma at known Model Management / 

/ Hair & MakeUp by Bas Cornelis /





« ...With striking, highly saturated, humorous ad campaigns and a new range of colorful casual shoes, Romain Kremer has put the Camper brand on the fashion radar..."

Full interview in Behind The Blinds Issue 3 FW17   

Camper_BTBonline_Behind The Blinds_ Photo by alexandre haefeli4.jpg


/ Photography by ALEXANDRE HAEFELI /

/ Fashion by MICHAEL MARSON /

/ featuring Lucas Berny & Jeff Hinton at Premium Models / 

/ All shoes CAMPER FW17




// DEAR MR. MAN //

Left White turtle neck Bally,  v neck jumper Lemaire, checked Oversized shirt AWAKE and white tee The Elder Statesman

Right Suit jacket and trousers Lemaire, sweater Qasimi, cummerbund Favourbrook and shoes George Cleverley


Left Suit Casley Hayford, white shirt Wooyoungmi and black boots Dorateymur

Right Trousers Loewe, red suede blazer Favourbrook, ring Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello and red shoes Dorateymur

Left All Cédric Charlier

Right White boiler suit HUGO, black cotton shirt Topman, green vintage scarf stylist's own, black loafers George Cleverley, ring Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello

Left Floral silk shirt Gucci, blue wool coat Chalayan, brown wool coat AMI, checked wool trousers Wooyoungmi

Right White vintage silk shirt and pattern slik scarf stylist's own, wrap skirt Palmer Harding, trousers Ermenegildo Zegna

Left Black top Roksanda Ilincic

Right  Red suede blaze Favourbrook, trousers Loewe, ring Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello



/ Photography by Rhys Thorpe / 

/ Fashion by Alexandra Bickerdike / 

/ Featuring Nick Rupp at Premier / 

/ Hair by Takuya Morimoto / 

/ Make-Up by Sophie Moore /

/ Photographer's assistant Tom Skinner & Dirk Birmbauer / 

 / Thanks To Georgia at Premier and to GAS Productions London /



Necklaces Palm Angels and pants Hed Meyer

Jacket and necklace Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello

left Pants, earring & ring Alexander McQueen and shoes Juun J.

right Coat Alexander McQueen and pants Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello


Vest Maison Margiela, pants Sirloin and shoes Lemaire


left Full look Balenciaga

right coat & pants Lemaire and boots Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello


Shirt Stella McCartney and pants Chin Mens

Pants Hed Meyer and shirt Minime

Coat Lemaire


/ Photography by Henrike Stahl /

/ Fashion by Ferdi Sibbel /

/ Featuring Hamid Kodjha at asp.men and Loic Mongin at Success /

/ MU by Celine Exbrayat /




Graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Wujic Jo paid tribute to his childhood hero Mr. Bean. The collection depicts 12 suits that would have been made by the funny English man himself. Every piece is particularly worked upon with details that are totally in sync with the character of Mr Bean.

After asking the young Korean designer some questions, we understand the way the collection has been constructed, and we love it even more.


Your strength: I’m a good storyteller and I’m very imaginative

Your weakness: My stubbornness, as well as my unbalanced work- and lifestyle

Your colour: Navy

Your smell: Taylor of Bond Street Cologne during the day, and Proraso aftershave during the night

Your inspiration: My childhood

Your sound: I just love the sound of people’s shoes when they walk outside

Your destination: Home, I would like this to be my final destination personally as well as work wise

Your wildest dream: I don’t dream, I’m a realistic kind of guy

Your worst nightmare: I wasn’t ready for my jury so I had to present my work with very little preparation. So I guess I already experienced it

Your goal: I want to become creative director of my all time favourite brand, it’s a secret right now, but I’m confident I will be able to tell you soon ;)


/ by Gaelle Van Lede /

/ photography by Nagib Chtaïb /

/ Style by Michael Marson /

/ Featuring Maxime at Rebel Management / 

/ Assistant Xavier Bourgeois / 



Right Hoddies A.P.C. and tie Balenciaga

Left Shirt Ann Demeulemeester and jacket Maison Margiela

Tee Raf Simons, jeans Acne Studios and underwear stylist’s archive


Shirt Maison Margiela, pants Lanvin, shoes Damir Doma and accessories J.W. Anderson

Suits & shoes Maison Margiela, shirt Ann Demeulemeester, underwear Comme des Garçons Shirt and socks Falke


/ Photography by Abbie Douglas /

/ Fashion by Marco Drammis / 

/ Featuring Henry Rausch & Augustin Basso at Wilhelmina /


Shirt Ann Demeulemeester

Left / Knitwear Raf Simons & T-shirt Acne Studios 

Right / Polo Balenciaga & Jeans A.P.C.

Polo Balenciaga 

Left / Sweatshirt J.W. Anderson, underwear Paul Smith, socks Thom Browne & shoes Damir Doma

Right / Jeans A.P.C. & underwear Calvin Klein

Knitwear Gucci, underwear Comme Des Garçons Shirt, socks Falke & shoes Gucci 

Left / Shirt Ann Demeulemeester & pants Lanvin

Right / Underwear Paul Smith

Underwear Calvin Klein  


/ Photography by Stephen Maycock / 

/ Fashion by Marco Drammis / 

/ Featuring Jose Luis at Amck Models / 

/ MU by Jinny Kim / 

/ Assistants Aurora Zaltieri & Jordan Gale / 



As he was finishing his fourth year at La Cambre, Cyril Bourez created a collection around iconic pieces we all know and love. The collection is called “Merci Beaucoup” and honours some of the designs that made him want to go into fashion in the first place. His figures are refreshing, yet very respectful of the original compositions.

We asked him a few questions and got a glimpse of this young designer’s insight.


Your strength: Being optimistic

Your weakness: I need comfort

Your colour: Blue

Your smell: Sea salt on skin

Your inspiration: A film character, a vintage piece, a detail on my boyfriend's pants

Your sound: Chet Baker's voice

Your destination: Cornwall, the two of us for a few days, soon I hope

Your wildest dream: A two-months holiday

Your worst nightmare: Losing sense of sight

Your goal: Finding the right job, the right place, to feel artistically complete, building something, keeping everything simple



/ by Gaelle Van Lede /

/ photography by Nagib Chtaïb /

/ Style by Michael Marson /

/ Featuring Maxime at Rebel Management / 

/ Assistant Xavier Bourgeois / 




J.W. Anderson X UNIQLO is one of the most expected collaborations hitting their stores this autumn.

We caught up with the London-based designer to find out more about the line.


PP: Have you been a UNIQLO fan for years? What attracts you about their clothing and concept?

JWA: Uniqlo is truly my uniform! The clothes are simple and essential yet universal.

PP: When did you first evoke a possible collaboration together? And how long did it take to make it happen?

JWA: Everything started over a year ago, both teams bonded right away and here we are.

PP: One of your desires within the line was to democratize your work in order to reach a wider audience.

JWA: I wanted to re-propose the timeless British Classics – a duffel coat, aran and fairisle knits, a mackintosh coat, striped scarves, checked shirts and other staples. Every single detail mattered, so it was me trying on a lot of clothing to check it. I’m really looking forward to seeing how people wear the collection.

PP: What are your favourite pieces within the collection?

JWA: A few seasons ago, we tried to create a puffer jacket, but we didn’t have the knowledge or the technology that Uniqlo has - so of all the things that was the mission! I wanted a tartan printed puffer that I could wear.

PP: Would you do such collaborations with other brands in the future?

JWA: Sure, this is not my first actually, I did two for TopShop before.

Uniqlo JWA Behind The Blinds Magazine3.jpg


/ Interview by Philippe Pourhashemi /

/ Photography by Sander + Gretar /

/ Art Direction Pierre Daras /

/ Make-Up by Noel Inocencio for MAC Cosmetics /

/ featuring Fedor at Rebel Management /

/ www.uniqlo.com




Left Jumper Folk and pants Wooyoungmi

Right Jacket and jumper Pringle 

Left Jumper and jacket Tiger of Sweden

Right Jumpsuit Harry XU and turtleneck Sunspel

Left Coat Harry Xu and pants Pringle

Right Jumper Burberry and pants Julian Zigerli 

Left White shirt Wood Wood and cream vest Daniel Fletcher

Right Puff white jacket Charli Cohen, pants and knit Pringle



/ Photography by  Rhys Thorpe /

/ Fashion by  Aartthie Mahakuperan

/ featuring Harald Smart at Models 1 /

/ Hair by Roger Cho for Windle / 

Photo Assistant Aaron Price

Movement Director Ryan Chappell

Special Thanks to Gareth at Gas Productions Hire and Daniel @ Models 1






All by Sander Bos

Both by Cyril Bourez

Left by Alix Brandenbourger

Right by Alice Fraudeau

Jacket by Cyril Bourez

Mask by Iuliia Gulina 

All by Lukas Spilka

Left by Alix Brandenbourger

Right by Nastasia Fine

Left by Clément Grangier

Right by David Ring

Left by Quentin Mestdagh

Right by Gabriel Figueiredo



/ Photography by SANDER+GRETAR /


/ Featuring Tyas at Flag Models, Jessica, Jelle and Laura at Jill Models /

/ Make-Up by Cecile Paravina / 

/ Assistant Stylist Alana Knight / 


Our exclusive inside at the Thom Browne SS18 men backstage. 

/ Captured by LARA GASPAROTTO /