Your platinum hair is beautiful, it reminds me of Jayne Mansfield. Do you have Irish or Nordic blood?

No, I don't. But I do get asked that a lot.

 Do you like the snow, or is it all about the unbeatable California sun?

The cool part of California where I lived in means I get the California sun, the beaches, and also the snow. It's the best of every world.

 Do you surf?

No. But I have tried a couple times.

 How warm is it today and where are you?

It's 36degrees (Fahrenheit) and I'm in my apartment in New York. Definitely not California weather.

 Do you ski?

Yes! It's my absolute favorite winter sport.

 Any bad dreams recently or a reoccurring nightmare?

Not specifically, but I’ve been watching too much Law & Order lately so I'm constantly afraid that I'm going to get shot out of nowhere or ran over by a car. That's kind of a nightmare?

 Would you rather be Peter Pan or Robin Hood?

I was going to say Peter Pan because he gets to wear tights, but now that I think about it both of them wear tights! But I'll still stick with Peter Pan.

 I heard you were a professional gymnast. What did you love and hate the most about it?

I loved being part of the team. We were all family. We would see each other every day, travel with each other, and all compete together. I really felt part of something. I think what I hated the most was the pressure at such a young age. You are constantly pushed to learn new skills, and go to bigger competitions, and it’s a lot to handle when you're young.

 If you could choose, where would you live?

Back in California. Either a nice house in the Oakland hills or on the beach at Capitola.

 Are you more East Coast or West Coast, or is it all about the people you hang out with?

I'm so so much more west coast. People over here are weird. Haha, just kidding. It’s about the people you hang out with, but there are some significant differences between East Coast and West Coast people. It's almost like their priorities are different.

 You travel a lot. Who do you miss the most?

Oh god. That's hard. Um… probably my friends from home, Tori, Lydia, Priya, and Lauren. They'll love that I said their names.

 A favorite photographer or artist?

John Singer Sargent is my favorite artist. A literal painter. I’ve been studying him and his work since high school. I also think Harley Weir, the photographer, is extremely talented.

 What did you watch last, and did you like it?

I watched the movie "Panic Room" on the flight back to New York. I love that movie. Who doesn't love a young Jodie Foster and an even younger Kristen Stewart?!

 Have you ever dyed your hair?

Oh yes. First time I dyed my hair was in 7th grade and I have never had my natural color for longer than a year. It's always changing.

 Where will you be tomorrow?

Hmmm, I know that everyone would want to hear at some big exciting photo shoot or event, but honestly at Trader Joe's first thing in the morning, I have no food.

 Where will you be in one hour?

Williamsburg! I'm leaving after this to go meet up with some friends.

 How would you describe your body?

Well I have skin and some freckles and some hair. Yeah, that's how I would describe it.

 What are you wearing now?

A friends girl jeans and some old sweater I’ve had since high school.

 Anything you don't eat?

Chicken feet. I've tried them and I just can't do it.

 Do you like Mariah Carey?

I am Mariah Carey...

 How tall are you?


 Do you own a car?

I am a proud owner of a 2006 gold Ford focus and his name is Brad. But he's living back in California with my parents now.

 How fast did your answer these questions?

Haha, um… fairly fast!

 How fast can you run?

I think I ran a 6 minute Mile once back in school. That’s fast, right?

 Are you anxious about time passing?

Yes. The future is scary, but also so so exciting.





/ photo by Sean P. Watters /

/ production by Michael Marson  /