Tayte Hanson moves. He runs and stops.

Where are you now and what are you wearing?

I am at my house wearing adidas 3 stripe sweatpants and a shirt I made from scraps. 

 Motion is a change in position of an object with respect to time.What's you favorite position in sex?

 Missionary. I like it basic.

 Do you run fast?

I prefer not to. 

 Do you fall in love slowly?

No. I fall fast in and out of love.

 Do you drive a car?


 Have you had sex in a car recently? 

No, no cars really besides cabs here. 

 How often do you fly?


 Have you fallen in love in a plane? 

Yes. I talk about it in my new book! 

 Do you dream about being a professional surfer? 


 Would you rather fuck a surfer or a GI?

Surfer. I have always had a thing for a man with grungy, long hair and a no-fucks attitude. 

 Have you flown in a helicopter?

Yes, many times. 

 Do you find helicopters sexy?

No. I find them loud. 

 Would you rather drown in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean?


 Do you prefer walking or running? 

Walking. I want to witness the beauty around me. 

 Have you ever run after your lover?

No. If you let them go and they are truly lovers they will come back. 

 Do you know how many times you swam in the Pacific Ocean?

About a dozen. 

 Do you like motorcycles?

Yes, I owned one for many years. I am looking to buy one currently. 

 Do bikers make you horny?


 If you had to come in a moving object, would that be a car, plane or train? 

Plane, always. I love to fly. 

 Do you find tunnels sexual?

I have had sex in tunnels twice; however, I usually find tunnels just dirty. 

 Have you ever played ping-pong table? 

Yes, not a fan. 

 What will you do now?

Yoga for two hours, finish the final draft of my book, juice what’s in my fridge, and watch “Room”.

 Motion is a change in position of an object with respect to time. Did you change position during this interview?

 Apart from moving my fingers along a keyboard, no.


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