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When were your born?

Was born in a tiny little town in the English Countryside called Somerbee.

 Do you feel alive?

Sometimes, depends what part of the day it is  ;-p

At what time did you wake up today?

6am - early bird catches the worm.

Do you believe in destiny?

To an extent. I believe we all can write our own destiny. 

What will you do after answering these questions?

Probably smoke a jay and play my guitar.

Do you prefer green circles or blue squares?

I'm a fan of anything blue, although I prefer the shape of a circle. 

In math, do you prefer to add or multiply?

Multiply! Make. Numbers. Big. 

If Marry Poppins was a fruit, what would she be?

She'd definitely be a good ol' sweet English plum. 

 Do you believe in life after death?

I don't know enough of anything to make a choice in what I believe after death. I'd definitely like to believe that a part of us continues on.

How much do you love LA?

Love the place, the setting, the nature, sometimes the people kinda ruin it.

Are you into coffee?

That's when I feel alive. Haha. Just kiddin, though I do enjoy a brew. 

What accent do you have?

A pretty generic English accent.

You look like Chris Isaak. Do you listen to his songs?

I have done in my time on this planet. I love it, dramatic and big gets a thumbs up.

If you had to listen to one last song…?

Time makes two by Robert Cray - what a song.

Have you kissed someone today?

No, what a shame huh?

 When were you last time in Europe?

Last year I was in England for a few months.

Do you write songs?

Yes I write a lot of songs - soundcloud.com/jjwisemusic

Do you sing under the shower?

Every single day.

Are you into musicals?

Yes, love them. Les Mis is one of my favourite things in existence.

Does Barbra Streisand mean something to you?

Not so much, more from South Park ripping her.

How about Prince?

Talented man who did what the fuck he wanted. Didn't care what people think. Wasn't a bellend. RIP Prince!

How would you describe your voice and your body?

My voice can be many things but when I sing and play guitar it's just Raw. My body is like a wonderland. 

Do you ski?

Nope, but I want to this year.

Do you surf?

A little bit, but not a regular surfer dude.

Are you in love?

What is love? Baby don't hurt me.

 You have the same name as Robert Wise who directed one of the most glorious movies ever, ‘The Sound of Music’, are you two connected?

I wish!! I'd revamp it and make a new musical movie and reignite the world’s love of classical music/singing! I'm ambitious.

Has summer started in LA?

Apparently, although the weather has been slightly schizophrenic this year.

How cold was it this winter?

Not too bad in LA, although I still wrapped up like an Eskimo. I'm allergic to the cold, makes me hibernate and become a grouchy bear. 

Do you miss rain?

I love the rain, it's one of the most beautiful types of weather. If the sun shines while it rains, it transforms the world into a fairy tale.

When was the last time you went crazy, why?

Last weekend. Needed a big blow out and to dance for 12 hours - managed to do just that :)

Do you listen to King Crimson or Pink Floyd?

Pink Floyd ;-)

If you were a woman who would you chose to be?

Hilary Clinton because I'd just be on the cusp of becoming the first women president of the United States. Although my own political beliefs would align more closely with Bernie Sanders. 

 Did you smile during this interview?

Yes, several times. Especially when writing some cheeky answers.



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