Some people say Lou Reed wrote his song "Perfect Day" about heroin.

Describe your perfect day ? 

All we need is a beach , a blunt & a burrito.

Do you believe in monogamy, or do you think monogamy is monotony ?

We are monogamous—not because of any belief system, but just because it's what feels right for us.

I think if we found that to be monotonous, we wouldn't still be dating after 4 years.

Do you have any other sexual fetishes ?

Love and Affection.

What are your opinions about narcissism? Do you think that we now live in a narcissistic culture ?

Can narcissism be a good thing ?

It's pretty undeniable that America has produced a narcissistic culture—Especially now that smartphones exist, technology is facilitating a really

self-involved way of living. Can it be a good thing? Maybe in certain creative senses... but narcissism is ultimately pretty boring, I think ...

What are some of your favourite films ?

C : Daisies, Christiane F, Sleepaway Camp, Benny's Video, Scream 4, The Lego Movie...

J : Brüno, Totally Fucked Up, Natural Born Killers, Inland Empire, Tree of Life...

Do you ever have hallucinations or cosmic experiences when you have sex together when you're high ? 

Pot is definitely an aphrodisiac, but the weed in NYC isn't strong enough for cosmic experiences... But you should send us whatever you're smoking dude.

Do you ever have group sex when you're high ?

C : Group sex isn't something we're looking for in general.

J : Besides, an orgy sounds like it'd be terrible stoned. Like, dealing with all those genitals would get so overwhelming and

then you'd all probably just get lazy and go get pizza instead.

What is the girthiest blunt you've ever smoked ?

Shout out Miley Cyrus, she rolls the fattest blunts in America. 

After you use an apple bong, can you still eat the apple ?

C : Yeah but why would you ?

J : Actually I always eat the apple... blame the munchies I guess.

What are your favourite marijuana-themed movies ?

All time best is Smiley Face by Gregg Araki.

Have you ever seen the film Last Summer, directed by Katy Perry's uncle Frank Perry ? It has the best marijuana smoking scene

I've ever seen.  

No but we did watch the Katy Perry documentary really high it was hilarious.

Are you big fashion icons now? Would you ever amble down a catwalk smoking a spliff ? 

We asked to at the VFiles show, honestly. they didn't let us.

Would you ever do marijuana porn ? If so, call me.  

C : The video "420" we made for Purple Magazine is pretty close... 

J : I think the world needs an iconic homo-stoner porn, and Bruce LaBruce is the man to make it!

If you actually approached us with that, it would be hard to turn it down.

How did you get to be so cute ?????

Drink lots of water and dress like shit...




/Hair by Virginie Carmen Lola & Make Up by Delphine Perrot/