Los Angeles

// Let's meet ERIKA LINDER //

Erika Linder is a model and an actress. She's also an amazing human being, moving her blond hair and sweet face from Stockholm to Los Angeles.

Erika Linder in 5 words

 Dreamer, philosopher, creative, motivated, focused. 

 What's your favorite Swedish word?

 Grabben. It means “dude”. Even though I never say it in English.

 You are an actress and a model. Where lies the difference?

 There's a major difference. The work I put into a role for a film goes beyond months of work. Dedication and discipline is a key factor. Normally when you go to set for a photo shoot, you’re spoiled and you just “show up”, work the hours and then you’re done. With acting it’s different. I normally study months ahead of a project to really get into character and then I constantly work with the writer or director or the other actors on set. I mean, you’re playing a different person than yourself, or at least a different version of yourself. It’s a challenging and hard process to act, but yet so fun. Modeling is hard within itself and there are a lot of challenges doing it, but for me, creatively, acting is more rewarding. I guess I could say that acting has been a part of my modeling career in a way by dramatically doing men’s and women’s fashion, but acting is a much more layered work of art in my book. 

 You are now living in Los Angeles. What's your feeling about that city?

 I moved to LA 5 years ago, and prior to that been going back and forth for 2 years. I just love the energy here. Everything seems possible. I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s a very small country in general. Which I appreciate and I love how grounded I am because of it. I genuinely believe that people here are so happy because of the sun and the heat. It has definitely changed me for the better. I’ve always been very driven and focused, a lot of Swedish people are, and combine that with nice weather and endless possibilities, it’s a great way to live. I’m very lucky.

 What's your opinion about the "Me Too" movement?

 I don’t want to say too much about it, more than I think it’s about time something like this happened. Sexual assault is never ok and should be talked about. As long as the accusers are telling the truth, which we always have to assume and take seriously. 

 Modeling for men’s or women’s collection?

 I’ve always been way more inspired by men’s fashion and photography, especially when I started modeling. It profoundly speaks to me in a personal way. I love to do both men’s and women’s fashion, a good mix of both is necessary for my creative process and bringing something different to every thing I do. I’ve always said to myself that I don’t want to do just “one face” all the time. I’d get bored. The fact that I get the chance to do both men’s fashion and women’s fashion and everything in between is a blessing. 

 Can you describe yourself as a new gender?

 No, not really. I’ve always seen myself as a woman. At the end of the day, I’m a woman. I don’t struggle with that or trying to hide it behind my work. When I first started modeling back in 2011 and ended up on the men’s board at my agencies, that was my “thing”. That’s who I was in the industry. People want to put labels on everyone and everything, especially on gender. It makes them feel smart and safe. I just see a human being. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m a woman who has a lot of ideas and creation in my brain and am lucky enough to have an outlet for it. I love inspiring myself and others. I wanted to change things. I still do. Constantly. 

 If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it?

 World peace and restore all the natural habitats across the world.

 Do you believe in love?

 Yes. Love is the basic foundation of happiness. No matter how dark the world can get, I would never stop believing in love. You can’t. 

 “Love is the bridge between you and everything.” - Rumi 

  What's your favorite dream?

 Flying dreams are always my favorites. Preferably above glaciers.

/ Interview by Julie Nysten /

/ Photography by Heather Kemesky /