sean ryan



He's a fashion slayer. He cuts it. Down the middle and up.

The image drips and we smile.


I read you like George Bataille. Isn’t ‘Histoire de l’oeil’ the best story ever (it reads like a children’ story)?

Indeed, George Bataille is one of my main source of inspiration. I really enjoyed reading ‘Histoire de l’oeil’. But for my part, my all time favorite is ‘Ma Mère’.

 Do you read comics?

I don’t find anything stimulating in comics unfortunately for me, it’s never too late though.

 How tall are you?


 Do you do drugs?

You’re not a cop from what I know.

 Do you prefer yellow circles or blue squares?

I would go for black rectangles. 

 Where did you lose your virginity?

Au septième ciel. 

 Will you watch the new Twin Peaks episodes?

I’m not THAT excited about it, even though I’m a big fan of Twin Peaks and David Lynch in general. I guess I’ll watch it for the sake of it. 

 Do you believe in life after death?

I don’t think about it, it’s not the time yet.  

 When did you shave last?

The question you should be asking is ‘where’ rather than ‘when’ ? 

 Why did you cry last?

While peeling onions. 

 Do you eat meat?

I couldn’t imagine living without it. 

 Your collages are beautiful. Is Kurt Schwitters a reference for you?

I never heard of him, thank you. I’ll go check his work once done with this. First things first.

 Any interest in ‘Hunger Games’ as the grand narrative of our times?

Categorical no. 

 Have you ever touched a rat?

One of my first girlfriend used to have one. To be honest I would spend more time with it than with her.

 Have you been with both a girl & a boy – simultaneously?

I’ll leave it to your imagination. 

 Have you been to Montenegro?

I heard it was nice.

 Coffee: black, milk or sugar?

Black as the darkest sin. 

 How was your childhood, happy, boring or not important today?

Not really of your concern. 

 Have you read any Jean Baudrillard? His famous text on terrorism (I find his ‘L’esprit du terrorisme’ still mind-blowing).

As soon as I’ll be finished with Genet’s ‘Le Balcon’, I will look it up. Cheers.

 Egon Schiele or Abramovic?


 Do you drink milk?


 How fast can you run?

It depends after who. 

 How do you NOT lose your mind, and remain focused?

This helps :

 Your favorite time of the day?

I always get quite excited at dawn, before going out. 

 Did you enjoy this interview?

It was entertaining.


Collages by Paul Hameline.



/ ITW by REMY RUSSOTTO &  illustration by SEAN RYAN /

/ production by MICHAEL MARSON /