Russian fusion model DimA opens his heart and tells it all for Behind The Blinds.


You have a beautiful name. Sounds packed with adventures and full of secrets. Where does it come from?

My real first name is Dmitry which I get to remember only when I look at my passport. In Russia, almost every name has a diminutive version. So, Dima is Dmitry; only a short version. I prefer Dima because it sounds soft and nice. For some funny reason people sometimes miss-hear my name as Demon which suits me too I guess. :)

Did you grow up with a pet?

When I was a child, I had hamsters. Due to their short life, it was quite a painful experience to see them die so soon, especially because I was so ready to take great care of them. I treated them like my children. Then I had a cat in my family apartment. When I moved to St. Petersburg for University, I got my lovely, dearest and the most beautiful Toy Terrier named Grisha. I love him and miss him a lot due to my heavy travel schedule, I do not get to see him much. He lives with my friends in St. Petersburg whenever I am abroad. Surely when I fly home, I try to give Grisha as much love as I can. One thing is for sure, I never call him a dog, for me he will always be a child, he is my son. :)

 When did you discover you were afraid of heights?

Most people get phobias at one point in their lives or when something comes across. I started to be afraid of heights a few years ago. I guess it happened when I was on a rollercoaster ride in Japan at Fuji Ku Park. I prepared myself with a bottle of red wine, helped me to kill time in the never-ending queues. At the same time, was trying to calm myself down a little. Turned out it brought me even more emotions at the end of the ride. Besides having agoraphobia, there are some other things I am afraid of which I would keep to myself. I prefer to look fearless at all times. My roots gave me very strong blood. :)

 If you could choose, would you live somewhere in the past or in the future?

I prefer to live in the moment. I don’t like to look back at the past and I’m not scared of the future. I believe things will be good because I am good.

 What’s your first memory?

I always remember most of the moments in life. Strangely enough, with your question, nothing comes to my mind. Particularly, the period before I moved to St. Petersburg is one big blurry image with lots of school work and mountains of textbooks. I started to realise what life really could mean once I moved to St. Petersburg and started living alone. And my first memories of that time were insanely breath-taking beautiful skies, the crystal-like reflection of the sun on the canals and rivers, matching the side-walks which created a very delightful imagery stamped in my mind. I fell in love with mysterious buildings and got to remember the scenic views with yellow leaves on the trees along roads. It was Autumn which is my favourite season.

 Do you do drugs, often, never?

I do not accept drugs. And do not recommend them to you all. I prefer alcohol. Doctors recommend having a good glass of wine.

 Ever seen the movie ‘Vertigo’ with James Stewart (you look like his distant cousin)?

I've never seen this movie. Just googled it. And I can’t find a single similarity with the actor. Maybe only the charisma in the eyes.

 What’s your mother’s name? Do you have a hero?

Her name is Tatiana. Short version, Tanya. This is one of the most popular Russian women name. A beautiful, feminine name. And there are a lot of characters named the same in Russian literature. For me, it represents beauty, inner strength and intellect.

And immediately I want to jump to the question about my heroes. My hero is my mom. She has done so much for me. Even though I'm far away all the time and we see each other rarely, but she is mentally always with me and sends me positive energy. I can feel it.

 Any brother or sister?

I have two older brothers and a younger sister. I always feel she is my double in female version. My friends do say the same when they get to meet her. When we are together, there are no silent moments at all; lots of fun I would say. I always miss her. By the way, her name is Diana. And this is my second favourite girl's name. :) 

 Do you believe in destiny?

I believe fate is not programmed and can possibly be changed.

 Is your name an asset in your modelling career?

Definitively. I believe a name helps shaping a character. Therefore, when I will choose names for my children, well…or dogs, I will think it through. For instance, I would never name someone North. :)

 How did you start modelling?

Oh, this is a very long story. I could write my own biography on this, there are a lot of thoughts and emotions in my story which have shaped me until today. I am not one of those who was picked up in the streets and weeks later is called the top new face of the season, those people have not a single clue what they are actually doing but they are being pushed. Long story short, I, myself never wanted to be a model and didn’t know much about it. But it happened, and I believe it was something life wanted me to go through with for some reason. And now I know all about modelling and even more hahaha… It is very interesting, can sometimes be scary, dramatic, but it can be fun and full of unforgettable moments.

 Do you sometimes hand-write?

Sometimes. When I fill out forms for visas. I hate to write by hand, and frankly I’m very bad at that.

 Are you in love with someone now?

Whenever people ask me they all get the same answer, I’m always in love. That’s it, you get what you see. And I don’t talk about my personal life.

 Where will you be in 30 minutes?

At the same place as now. On the couch in my very cozy apartment in Brooklyn which I am renting. I will finish this interview, and then go to the fridge (my favourite place to walk to in the apartment). And my fridge is not a “model apartment” fridge, it is always stuffed with food. Come visit! Haha I love having guests over.

 What are you wearing now?

Hahaha this question sounds like phone sex... but in my case it’s not so sexy. I’m wearing cotton pyjamas with Mickey Mouse ad Donald Duck printed all over. Under the cosy and cute pyjamas here comes the punch line, nothing underneath... Hahahaha kidding… Under pyjamas there’s a lot more to discover.

 Who was your first fuck and how old were you?

I would not us this word. For me, fuck sounds very animal. And when? Why does this matter? Well it did happen, and when I was younger it happened pretty often.

 Do you surf?

Yes quite often on the web.

 Have you ever chopped a tree down with an axe?

I never chopped anything with an axe. And I will not. For me, nature is just as alive as humans and animals. I will say a secret; sometimes I do whistle or hum a song to plants and flowers and I speak to food when I cook. I really do. I'm not schizophrenic. Just don’t get me wrong.

 Do you eat raw meat?

Sashimi and sushi are great, but I am very picky in Japanese food. I only eat in good sushi places. But never have the courage to try tartar yet. One day maybe.

 When were your born?

A century ago. I have an old soul but my teen spirit keeps me strong and young.

 Do you feel alive?

Yes, I try. Especially when I think about my beautiful, bright and happy future.



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Who was your first crush?

Won't tell you, she might read that! 

 Do you eat meat?

Course I do.

 Have you ever slept in the desert?

No but I did fall asleep in a dessert once.

 Do you listen to Mariah Carey?

Only when I'm with my gay friends or under torture.  

 When have you shaved last?

2 years ago.

 Do you play tennis?

Does beer pong count? 

 Do you prefer yellow circles or black squares?

I prefer la linéa.

 Do you wear shorts?

What is that ?

 Would you prefer dining with Rihanna or lunching with Steve Carell?

Both together could be really interesting! 

 Where did you lose your virginity?

In a girl.

 Beatles or Stravinsky?


 How tall are you?

Tall enough.

 What's your favorite color?


 Would you rather be a spy or a downhill ski champion?

I'd be a downhill ski champion while spying on the most dangerous villain who'd want to destroy the world.

 Any allergies?

To idiot people.

 What scares you most, “Jaws’” or “Aliens”?


 If Marry Poppins was a fruit, what would she be?

A tomato.

 When was your first catwalk, how old were you?

This season : 24.

Have you been to Iceland?

Not yet ! But I will forsure one day ! 

  Any song you know by heart and sing from time to time? Any David Bowie? 

I sometime whistle the swan lake. Yes there is one ! Space oddity ! 
Where will you be tomorrow?

No fucking clue, I don't even know what I'm gonna be doing in one hour.

 Do you take sugar with your coffee?

Yes two please. And milk.

 Do you read comics?


 Have you been with both a girl & a boy – simultaneously?

None of your business, but no never. 

 Have you been to Montenegro?


 Did you enjoy this interview?

Yes a lot ! It's fun and unusual ! 

Do you smell yourself?





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