On March 18, 2016, the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art celebrated the public opening of its new space dedicated to modern and contemporary art in Marcel Breuer’s iconic 1966 Whitney museum on Madison Avenue and 75th Street. The controversial upside-down ziggurat made of granite-clad concrete had undergone a careful renovation maintaining the building’s unique character and preserving the aesthetic of its weathered areas.

“Outside, it is expression; inside, only proportion. It stands back and lets you see the pictures.”

New York photographer Bill Jacobson has documented the building with the Whitney’s permission in late 2014, in the in-between days after they moved out, and before it was restored into The Met Breuer. His photographs are carefully composed into diptychs focusing on Breuer’s muted space stripped of its pictures: concrete walls, slate floors, cast-cement ceilings, bronze doors and fixtures.

Bill Jacobson - Lines In My Eyes

The Met Breuer

New York



 Lines In My Eyes (945 Madison Ave.) #104/96//#12/63//#89/35//#57/56//#99/51//#17/19//#15/83.

© Bill Jacobson. Courtesy the artist and Julie Saul Gallery.



/ by Kim Poorters /